Aaron Ramsey interview - Samba Pack Predator LZ II

Talk about a man in form; Aaron Ramsey has flown out of the gates this season, scoring more goals in a handful of matches than he has done in all his previous games for Arsenal combined.

The Welshman has been on target in crucial games this season, including a decisive nod against Borussia Dortmund in Germany and has never been more sure of himself – but one thing he’s not sure about is the new Pink Samba colourway. We caught up with him at the adidas Samba Pack photoshoot to see why he chooses the adidas Predator.

– What're your thoughts on the new Samba pack Predators you're here for today?

Yeah, they're a nice boot – nice and comfortable. Not too sure about the colour of them, but I'm happy about them.


– Why pick the Predator over other boots in the adidas range?' 

I think they're the best boots for a midfielder, they're light and comfortable – obviously for a midfielder you have to cover a lot of the ground so that's very important.

Also, when you're passing the grips are pretty handy.


– Do you have any favourite boots from growing up?

I've been in the Preds since I was in school – actually I did try the F50 the once – so it would probably be an older version of the Pred.


– That said, how do you find the new versions stack up to the older models?

These ones are definitely better; They're lighter where the older ones were a bit heavier and they're thinner as well, whereas the older ones were clunkier. So they've definitely improved down the years.


– You've had a great start to the season – how're you hoping to continue your form?

Hopefully I can just continue like that and keep trying to improve game to game. That way I can continue to improve throughout the season.


– You're here with some of your Arsenal team-mates today and you seem to have a great rapport – what's the vibe like in the Gunners changing room at the moment?' 

It's good! We've had a good start to the season, everyone's confident and looking forward to the rest of the season.

The mood is good and morale is high.

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