The 99g Adidas Football Boot

adidas 99g football boot

Originally released in 2015, adidas have updated their 99g limited edition football boot.

In a bid to demonstrate their ongoing product development, adidas have released just 299 pairs of their ultra light cleat, the adizero 99g.

adidas Adizero 99g

Adizero 99 G

At around half the weight of a regular football boot, the adizero 99g boot features a 1mm polyamide outsole, designed to reduce weight whilst maintaining the rigidity to perform at the highest level, and advanced lightweight one-layer PU mesh-based upper material.

Adidas Adizero 99 G

The boot also features a skeleton inner-construction to maintain stability and support, whilst a unique stud layout ensures fastest possible movements in all directions.

Adidas 99 G

Initially launched in 2015, the adizero 99g has been created in adidas’ adizero speed range and rigorously tested for tear strength and abrasions.

Adidas Adizero 99 G

adidas have constantly pushed the envelope since the launch of the 2010 adiZero – dropping the benchmark in boot weight to 165g. Then, just six months later, with the adiZero Prime that was cut again to 145g.

Availability: Limited Edition only 299 pairs

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  1. says: sam

    wrap this in an ultra thin, ultra light plastic upper and it will still only weigh 120g or so, and would be more viable as a boot that can be released.

    In other words, this is frickin insane!

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