In a new feature here at Footy-Boots.com we’re taking the opinions and thoughts from across the web on the biggest stories in football and giving you a chance to throw your hat into the ring alongside them.

First up is the most haunting image of the weekend, the sight of Aaron Ramsey’s Adipure III hanging at a horrific angle after suffering a nightmare leg-break during Arsenal’s 3-1 against Stoke at the weekend.

Former Liverpool & England Striker Stan Collymore writes:

' “If Wenger, or any Arsenal fans, think there is a connection between Abou Diaby, Eduardo and now Ramsey all getting seriously injured, they are deluded. And I think Wenger was completely out of order with his post-match comments about Shawcross. But if he doesn’t like English working conditions, whereby players are physical and try to win the ball, then maybe he should disappear to La Liga or Serie A”

Whereas Martin Samuel over at the Daily Mail, argues:

“Wenger believes players are told to get at Arsenal by roughing them up, and the evidence, while circumstantial, suggests he has a point. Shawcross did not seek to injure Ramsey but he will no doubt be aware of the theory that Arsenal don’t like it up them, and may have responded accordingly. Perhaps he heard it in the dressing room before the game.”' 

Over here at Footy-Boots.com we’ve been discussing the incident, and we think that Mr. Samuel is onto something. There can be little doubt that Shawcross went into the challenge wanting to do that sort of damage to 19-year old Ramsey, but you can’t help but think that somewhere down the line he’s heard that when playing against Arsenal, especially at home, the only way to beat them is to be aggressive and physical to stop them playing they want to play. Still, for what it’s worth we all wish Ramsey as swifter recovery as possible and hope to see him in an Arsenal shirt as soon as possible.

Next on the chopping block is the off-pitch-spat-turned-tabloid-media-field-day that is John Terry vs. Wayne Bridge/Chelsea vs. Man City.

Manchester City’s Gareth Barry told the Manchester Evening News:

“I think it helped to galvanise us, A lot of people feel sorry for Wayne and what has gone on, and as a club we have all supported him. Saturday was a great team performance. Wayne won’t give much away, but in training and in the game, he performed as a professional person would.”

And the Sky Sports Insider adds:

“Such had been the frenzy whipped up by agendas of the heart, the game was a mere sub-plot. As Bridge lingered over Terry’s outstretched hand before ignoring it and giving him the stinky-eye from close range.

A cheer went up in the office as every Sky+ box in the country was rewound in unison.”

So, with Gareth Barry extolling his teammates professionalism and Sky Sports enjoying the whole thing as top-drawer entertainment, we think we’re alone here in the Footy-Boots office when we think it was slightly unprofessional of Bridge to snub John Terry in the manner he did. We’re not asking Terry to write 100 lines on the blackboard and a full letter of apology, and we’re not asking Bridge to give big JT a cuddle and whisper to him “Let’s never let a woman come between us again”

What we are asking is two grown, married men to look each other in the eye and shake hands. Let the media know that this chapter’s over. It’s no secret that Terry’s performances have been on the slide since this whole debacle started, maybe knowing that Bridge is being a man about it and the tabloids aren’t haunting his every step might bring him back to form. And with the World Cup being 3 months away, who can deny that a mentally- fit John Terry and a purposeful Wayne Bridge wouldn’t be an asset to England?

Finally, we look at the big decision in the Carling Cup Final, should Manchester United Centre-Half Nemanja Vidic have been sent off?

Vidic himself doesn’t seem to think so:

“I got in front of him, not behind and did a tackle. If I had been behind, then yes. He was away from the goal. That is my opinion. We’ll see better on the video.”

And former Referee Graham Poll agrees…Sort of:

“There was a technicality that allowed him to keep Vidic on and he used it. The player must be heading towards goal, it’s a stupid technicality, but he [Agbonlahor] loses control of the ball and it goes behind him and at the moment he goes down he is heading six or seven yards wide of goal.”' 

At our end, as soon as Phil Dowd pointed to the penalty spot, we assumed that was Vidic’s signal to take an early bath. But to concede a penalty for a tackle and not even receive a yellow card is entirely unusual. After hearing about this ‘technicality’ that Graham Poll brings up, Dowd’s thinking sort of makes sense – Vidic was the last man but as Agbonlahor was moving at an angle that was taking him away from goal when Vidic’s Puma Powercat scythed him down – he gets away with it. Do we agree with it? No. Would it have been a more exciting game if United only had 10 men? Absolutely!

As always on Footy-Boots.com – we want your opinions! Add to the discussion below in the comments and tell us who you agree with, who you disagree with and what your thoughts on the past weekends big games are.

Even better, if you’re a football blogger and share your love of the game on a regular basis drop us an email and we’d love to read your blog and maybe even showcase your opinions in the future!

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  1. says: MisterBroom12

    Shawcross in my opinion did not ever intend to injure Ramsey like he did, he showed visible disgust for what he had done which was good to see. Wenger being out of order however is completely wrong. He stated that another one of his players has gone down with an injury like this to a “horrendous” tackle, and it is true, the tackle was horrendous. Many people say the injury could have gone either way, it was that type of 50/50 tackle, but if you watch it in slow motion, even pause it at the right time, Ramsey goes in with his left foot and toe pokes the ball away, Shawcross does the same with his right foot, but then comes through with a huge swipe of his left foot which is what did the damage to Ramsey. Again, I do not believe at all that there was intent to injure, but to come into a tackle like he did, is just stupid and Wenger has every right to dub it horrendous.
    Bridge and Terry need to get over it. It happens to all sorts of people, just because you’re both England internationals doesn’t mean you get to be extra prissy about it. In fact, I feel that since football is your job, especially when playing for your country, Bridge needs to do all he can to make it a non-issue so England can perform well this summer. Although we already know they are losing once in the group stage (June 12th, 2010) so who knows how long Terry and Bridge will get to play together.
    Vidic should have been sent off, the wording may say, “heading toward goal,” but then does that mean if Gabby was in alone on the keeper, did a step over and pushed it to the side of him for a better angle to slot home, and then gets mowed down, there should be no sending off? Surely in that case Gabby would be changing his direction to push him clear outside of a post, but that doesn’t mean he is cutting down his chance of scoring, he would be making it better in that case. Vidic should have been sent off. Man U stole another trophy due to their name.

  2. says: Mo

    How on earth can Collymore be considered a credible pundit? Saying Wenger is deluded for connecting 3 broken legs in 4 years is spot on. Arsenal are ‘roughed up’ hence why opponents go in too hard and injuries like this occur.

    Collymore travelled from one club to another during his career, and from his comment you can see why.

    The media have blown the Terry/Bridge fiasco out of proportion, but ultimately Terry has caused England big problems ahead of the world cup. Because he decided to have an extra marital affair with his mates girl, Bridge has had to dip out of the England squad, which, come this summer could cause England to lose the WC. Not only that, but his own form has plummeted as a result. Again, England are suffering, all because JT did the dirty.

    Finally, Vidic should definitely have gone and that poor decision by the referee has cost Villa the trophy.

    Great article though!

  3. says: Roman

    Man U doesn’t steal trophies Misterbroom12. Those are the words of a bitter fan of a losing team. Man U probably would have won the game regardless of a card or not, they are a better team. Nothing against Villa because I happen to enjoy their progression but Manchester doesn’t fight for fourth spot year after year, they field reserve players in cup finals and still prevail.

  4. says: shiv

    First off I’m a lifelong Manchester United fan, so congrats to the lads on the Carling Cup-Vidic definetly got lucky not to be dismissed, but the team played well and desreved to win over the 90 mins, so yay =)

    On Aaron Ramsey, I really feel for the lad, he has such a bright future and this is a serious injury, however, I have no doubt in my mind that Ryan Shawcross never meant ot intended to hurt Aaron Ramsey. He tried to get the ball, it was a 50/50 chance and Ramsey was worse off, and you could tell from Shawcross’ reaction that he was distrought and upset.

    Arsene Wenger has every right to feel angry, but he is delusional if he thinks that there is some sort of conspiracy against Arsenal. They have changed from a stronger, larger team to smaller, lightweight players, so they are less stronger than Viera, Henry etc. Also this is the Premier League, the most fast-paced and roughest league in the world, the pace of the game is incredible, so if he doesn’t like it, well the tough. I’m not saying move to La Liga or Serie A, but he needs to sort his team out and should have done so in the transfer market.

  5. says: Hugh

    Ramsey went in harder than Shawcross if you actually analyse the tackle so how anyone can be annoyed it shawcross is beyond me


  6. says: MisterBroom12

    Roman, I know they don’t, they are one of the most storied clubs in the world and deserve everything they win, I was just adding that for friendly banter.

  7. says: Ryan

    1. Shawcross, i hardly doubt, would have deliberately gone out there to injure Ramsey. If your not physical, don’t expect to get the ball. It was just one of those things. They both didn’t back out, one just came of worse. Split seconds..

    2. With all due respect to the article and writers (top effort ;), if someone had an affair with my girlfriend/wife/whatever, i’d be pissed, at the BOTH of them. So no, can’t say i’d ever shake his hand or speak to them again. I believe that Bridge had it hard enough just not breaking Terry’s leg! And if Terry has bad form for what he does off the pitch, that’s his problem, it’s not up to Bride to ‘be a man’ and help him, by dropping the matter. Just my opinion.
    Cheers guys. 🙂

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