Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers

Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers

Global football stars earn some of the highest wages in the world. We’ve listed the top 10 footballers based on how much they are paid.

Commercial and broadcast revenues are at an all time high right now and they are more important than ever to clubs, to enable them to compete financially to put the best talent on the pitch. Endorsement deals; money paid to stars for endorsing a product like a football boot or mobile telephone, continue to increase with brands desperate to associate with the footballer.

So which players take home the most? Read on to see who made the cut…

10. Luis Suarez – £13m

Highest Paid footballer Suarez

Despite being banned for nibbling on Chiellini, his third biting incident, Luis Suarez is still able to command a hefty income from his boot supplier adidas.

Add to that a top contract with Barcelona and it’s no surprise that the Uruguayan is in the Top 10.


9. Sergio Aguero – £16m

aguero highest paid footballer

Sergio Aguero, nicknamed Kun Aguero is one of the most talented ‘out and out’ goalscorers in the world.

Since 2011 he has been plying his trade at Manchester City with a very healthy salary. He’s one of Puma football’s main athlete’s, headlining the evoSPEED football boot and he’s also a face for Gillette and Pepsi.


8.Radamel Falcao – £16mtop paid footballers Radamel Falcao

Despite suffering to find form last season at Manchester United and some doubting his fitness following a serious knee injury, the Chelsea striker will be happy about his financial affairs.

Like Aguero he is a Puma athlete and recently signed a five year deal with the German sportswear brand.


7. Wayne Rooney – £17m

Highest paid footballer wayne rooney

The new clean cut Wayne Rooney is more marketable that the scandal hit one of a few years ago. Rooney lost sponsorship deals due to his off field antics, but now the England and Manchester United captain is a coining it in.

In 2014 he signed a new club contract, he has a huge Nike deal and is also close to completing a book contract with Harper Collins.


6. James Rodriguez – £19m

James Rodriguez Highest Paid Footballers

Rodriguez shot to fame during the 2014 World Cup where he won the Golden Boot. Real Madrid snapped him up shortly afterwards, paying £63M to Monaco for his services.

In the adidas stable, James is also tied up to Gatorade and has his own line of underwear.


5. Neymar – £20m

Highest paid footballer Neymar

Brazil’s main man Neymar has silenced critics and proved his talent at both club and international level.

Highly marketable, Neymar earns more from product endorsements than at Barcelona and that’s saying something!

Don’t forget, Neymar is yet to peak so is forecast to continue rising in this chart.


4. Gareth Bale £22m

Top paid footballer gareth bale

The man from Cardiff, Wales has had a meteoric rise since being a left back for Southampton in 2007.

Bale is one of the leading faces at adidas and BT football, but it’s his salary which nets him the majority of his income.


3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £25m

Zlatan Ibrahimovic highest paid footballer



The big Swede leads with two major sponsors: Nike and Volvo. He appears regularly and globally for both.

On the field, he is the first player for over 20 years to exceed 30 goals in one season in the French league, this despite him being at the tail end of his career. Destined for the MLS, Zlatan is likely to have at least one more major pay day.


2. Lionel Messi £47m

Highest paid football player lionel messi

Many pick the little Argentine as the best player in modern football. Whilst his financial figures would support this, he has been pipped to the post by you know who.

Messi is the highest earner at Barcelona with an annual salary exceeding £33m. Deals with Pepsi, Samsung and of course his own football boot silo with adidas place Leo in the elite category of money makers in football.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo £51m

highest paid footballer world


Whilst the debate will rage on regarding who is the better player, we can tell you that Cristiano Ronaldo is the better paid.

The Real Madrid star is the highest paid footballer in the world banking over £50 million last year.

Ronaldo is also the most popular athlete in the world, if you go by social media. His Facebook and Twitter following eclipses that of all other footballers.

CR7 has a long term agreement with Nike, a signature CR7 line of clothing and a whopper deal with Castrol amongst many others.

Ronaldo also has a unique level of control over his image rights, splitting them 60/40 with the club (the benchmark is 50/50) – when you consider the size of the Real Madrid brand across the globe, that extra 10% is likely measured in millions.



World’s Highest Paid Footballers 2011:

10. Philip Lahm (Bayern Munich / Germany) £11.9m
9. Kaka (Real Madrid / Brazil) £12.9m
8. Fernando Torres (Spain / Chelsea) £13.9m
7. Yaya Toure (Man City / Ivory Coast) £14.7m
6. Sergio Aguero (Man City / Argentina) £15.7m
5. Wayne Rooney (England / Man United) £17.2m
4. Samuel Eto’o (Anzhi / Cameroon) £19.4m
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid / Portugal) £24.3m
2. David Beckham (England / LA Galaxy) £26.2m
1. Lionel Messi (Argentina / Barcelona) £27.5m



World’s Highest Paid Footballers 2010:

10. Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan, Cameroon) £9m

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan, Sweden) £10.2m

8. Frank Lampard (Chelsea, England) £10.2m

7. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, England) £12m

6. Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls, France) £12.6m

5. Ronaldinho (Flamengo, Brazil) £14.4m

4. Kaka (Real Madrid, Brazil) £14.4m

3. Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Argentina) £19.3m

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Portugal) £22.9m

1. David Beckham (LA Galaxy, England) £24.1m



World’s Highest Paid Footballers 2007:

10. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool & England) £7.7 million

9. John Terry (Chelsea & England) £7.7 million

8. Fabio Cannvaro (Real Madrid & Italy) £7.9 million

7. Zinedine Zidane (Retired) £8.5 million

6. Thierry Henry (Barcelona & France) £8.6 million

5. Michael Ballack (Chelsea & Germany) £9.1 million

4. Wayne Rooney (Man Utd & England) £9.3 million

3. Ronaldo (AC Milan & Brazil) £12.7 million

2. David Beckham (LA Galaxy & England) £15.8 million

1. Ronaldinho (Barcelona & Brazil) £16 million

Source: France Football

What do you think of the trend in footballers earnings? Are the highest paid footballers who you expected? Drop us a comment below and weigh into the discussion!

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  • christian biakuse

    I like Cristiano Ronaldo and he deserves to be the most paid footballers in the world.

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    i just love this guy.

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    i love henry i love his game

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    yeah the best nname in the world bang bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hie i would like to know who the highest paid footballer is in south africa

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    where is Torres?

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    messi is better than all football heroes both past &present

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    he deserves it . he is expensive and needs such an amount . i love him.

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    wot no coventry players on the list, must need updating !!!

  • saidi

    my best playerz are CR9.FABREGAS & CHAMAK

  • Oladehinde Emmanuel

    Where is people like Emmanuel, Kanu, Drogba? These are my players.

  • bevy

    my best player in the world is c ronaldo

  • Ronnie

    Ronaldinho Rocks…I too share his Name… Am proud of him….


    I really want to know more about fifa games…

  • Splinter09

    I’m surprised to see Ronaldinho still on the top 10.

    @Oladehinde Emmanuel – Who are they? You got to be kidding me, Kanu on the top ten, Drogba,hmmm, maybe!

  • Jpfarias

    You meant, KAKA, REAL MADRID. Not Milan, right?

  • Footy Boots Ed

    You bet we did!

    Thanks Jpfarias….

  • Adri

    One thing that is wierd is some facts on the most payed players on place 11-20. Michael Ballack earns more money than Fernando Torres even thou Torres is in a whole different league than Ballack when it comes to football. Torres should get his reward ! 😀

  • Eric

    gillette? i didn’t know messi was old enough to shave!

    ps. Henry joke was class!

  • keven

    Messi is the best player in the world right now. He should be first.
    The rest had some surprises. Ronaldinho..=o
    Eto last, amazing. Kinda forsaw becks position, I mean he’s an entrepranour..

  • martincillo

    woaaaaa !!!!
    1 billion euros for CRonaldo !!!!
    thats a crazy amount of money !!!!!!!
    just comparing the 2 years ago list, and the new one, the numbers really crazily growth !!!
    did you notice Kaka’s adipure III???

  • martincillo

    and yes, the best players in the world are in the list !!! =)
    but rooney is missing

  • Adri

    It’s bloody joke that Michael Ballack earns more money than Fernando Torres. You can’t see that on this list but i’ve seen place 11-20 and I think Ballack is on place 12 or something, not sure.. Torres deserves to be top 10.

  • ruogyz

    ronaldo cristiano and roooo

  • Quaresma

    HAHAHAHA! OMG! “Reebok are also considering bringing out a range of ultra-light gloves for Henry to wear during the summer’s tournament – for enhanced grip and control on the ball!” Man, that is priceless! =D

  • P.gozzy

    Messi deserves to be the highest paid in the world cos no player b4 and now has been as good as he his now. He’s awesome. wow!

  • P.gozzy

    Messi, football Spirit!

  • Blinks

    Messi deserve to be the world most highest paid player no player lyk ‘messi’

  • edwin

    Why are they being so much? Are they the only ones who plays on the pitch? I think the whole team should be paid equally b’cos they all contribute to the team’s success.

  • Maysil

    Messi deserves to be the highest paid but i’m confused about Becham being the 2nd

  • shiv

    I don’t mean to sound like a killjoy and rain on everybody’s parade, but that type of money is flaming ridiculous and unjustified. Don’t get me wrong, I love football and I believe football players earn their keep as they are professionals of their trade, have a skill and entertain us week in, week out. But the money they make is just mad. I mean £100/200,000 a week to kick a ball, stay fit, play with the best, nicest cars, holidays,the hottest women, sponsorships, FREE BOOTS, the list goes on and on. That sort of money is better put in places like Africa, hospitals where they can save lives, teachers etc. I mean their jobs are more tougher and stressful and they do more for us than the other clubs do. The shirt prices are expensive, the ticket prices are sky high and it’s an injustice. Don’t get me wrong, but I can never see how £100,000+ a week can be justifed for playing football. Just my opinion.

  • Dmiel

    Ronaldiho the king of manpower also known as the king of trado

  • prince isaac

    Messi is a legend, at the age of 22 he as already emerge the world best player and with the pace he’s going, he will still retain it. I want people to erase the motive that he is not performing to expectation in the national side. the national team hardly play together, no team work,no condusive atmosphere,and the last part of it is that LEO is still very young,so he has a long way to go, let’s us his fans continue to pray for him. LEO MESSI i wish you best of luck.
    from oriyomi isaac siwoniku. NIGERIA

  • Fce(t)

    Interviewer called him world greater! Who am i not to 2 appreciate wat my lion is playin?MESSI IS INDEED D WORLD GREATEST.

  • Dadeowo

    Yeh! Real madrid want to spoil market.

  • makinde

    i hope to see my players on top of d chart in future.player lik stanly okoro and lukman aruna

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    Messi deserves 2top tha list.bravo! bravo!

  • Ayeloja tunde

    Lionel messi is the best player in the word

  • Stanley

    Messi is one of the most self-fish player i have ever seem,i don’t like is game play he is a good player i know but you can compare him to ronaldo so i think ronaldo deserves the highest paid player

  • khadijat

    lionel messi is the best player have ever seen in this world

  • salahinho80

    ronaldinho the best player in the world n 10

  • nicodemus ani

    i think lionel messi is the best player in the world ahead of ronaldo, i also think that the secret behind is sucess is that he is humble and dedicated and of all disciplined. i pray that he will not disappoint us is fan at the senior world cup in south africa. I love him with passion. I think he deserve the pay. May God always remain with him and my wonderful midfielder xavi, Inesta they are also the backbone to the club’s sucess and Master Messi sucess.

  • nicodemus ani

    messi is a legand. Pls don’t compare him to any body becos he is more better than pele, maradona. maradona called the same boy jesu, at his age he earn more than his fellow foofballer. I also want to congratulate his team mate xavi, inesta and my coach pep

  • Gokeafrika, from Lagos Nigeria.

    Leo Messi deserved more accolade than its getting now, infact his the greatest footballer in the world.

  • u dont know

    i think messi does not deserve to be on the top spot,, in my opinion ollic is better and so i wayne rooney,, puls CARLOS TEVEZ?!!! wa=hat is going on,, where is torres and even worse where in god’s name is drogba!!!

  • Teshaik Karto

    I truly love c rONALDO AND KAKA.BRAVO 2 YOU GUYS

  • flower iyimide

    ronaldo deserves to be the most xpensive

  • Awoyemi bukola

    Am happy that will have eto as d no 10 on the list bt where are the remaining africans like drogba,kalou,adebayo,yaya toure.are d nt player also?or are they nt paid?to me it sound ridiculous

  • ikechukwu

    u re cool

  • Chuks jerry

    Messi is good, C Ranaldo is also good but i think ranaldo is more bether than messi

  • Trust

    Messi is agood player but ronaldo is a gooder player…

  • Prince


  • ceedog65

    what a funny world we live in when someone can get paid millions for kicking a ball around .
    Yes they can kick it good but at the end of the day it is just a ball.
    If only the money spent was put to better use, What the supporters of ball kicking spend on watching ball kicking was spent on the poor children in this world and the intersest that people have in ball kicking if only we had that much interest in making the world a better place.

  • sodiq

    i dont know why people still dougth this,but i think messi is the best player i ever know.theysaid maradona is the best, i dont dougth that but since am not fotunate to know see him play in his days, i give it to messi.

  • Ejyke

    As long as am consigned ronaldo is better than messi.


    U can’t compare CHRISTIANO RONALDO WITH MESSI COS the fact stil remain, CRonaldo is the second FOOTBALL ORACLE after Football Godfather Ronaldinho.


    I am so pleased about the salary of the soccer pundit. I am good footballer, pls get me connected thanks u.

  • sikiru ibrahim

    How can u say ronaldo is better dan messi (don’t u know dat \lion/ did not \messy/ for other animal in d jungle

  • nkosi ntuli

    guyz we all cn c tht messi is on top bt 2 m i wl go 4 c rondalo coz i lyk the way he play

  • bounty killer

    Ronaldo can learn a thing or two from the little guy. Messi iz da best

  • Lionel Messi

    messi is the best he’s cool and very very talented i disagree that ronaldo is better than messi

  • sebelyn

    there is no comparison b/w these two guy, one is way ahead while the is doing catch~ups, this fact is reflected in their styles. Messi plays football with ease and lots of flair while Ronaldo does it forcefully. This fact is also portrayed by their pay-cheques


    Messi is too good compared to Ronaldo


    c ronaldo play well but the facts is that, mercyless messi remain the best footballer in the whole world. no dought about that.

  • dubem obichili

    call him lion,call him lioness,dat boy is merciless.**** c.ronaldo.he thinks football is personal contribution

  • dubem obichili

    messi is jst too good to play futball.FIFA should stop him from embarassing defenders and keepers

  • dubem obichili

    messi is 3 in one.he should just play 8 against 11



  • moinky

    Messi is a joke. Just like Ronaldo & every other overpaid player in this list.
    If you cannot play good at the world cup for your country, you don’t count.
    Nobody remembers highest paid players of some goddamn club.
    Diego Forlan is a greater player than any of these guys.
    Though Ronaldhino & Henry have performed in WC already.

  • Essje

    I think messi is swift but c.ronaldo is skilful.Swiftness or Skills?-i go 4 skills and hence i give it to c.ronaldo!

  • n wax ibrahim

    As far as am concerned CR9 is better than lionel messi i want you to mark out these points no 1 cr9 can take freekick can messi take freekick no 2 cr9 can run and dribble more than messi no3 cr9 was the highest goal scorer in premier league….CR9 is too much am his no 1 fan.

  • harry

    n wax ibrahim you forgot to mention how cristiano can also play with BOTH feet and with his height good at headers, but I totally agree with your comment

  • ryan

    if ronaldo is sooo much better than messi at headers y did messi pack man utd in da champions league final wiv a header n ronaldo was no where 2 b seen ronaldo is crap n meesi is da best. also no1 can dribble lyk messi he is da best at it no1 can touch him so der is no point in even debating it cos wen u c da cl final messi outshines dat puff.

  • harry

    yawwwwwwwn…..whatever you say ryan ……whatever. ronnie didnt even play the whole season in la liga but still managed to achieve a hat full of goals. im an arsenal fan who doesnt like his arrogance but you cant knock him as being the most complete baller on this planet. ps ryan 1 man dont make a team in reference to the champions league as ronaldo found out

  • Karl

    Agree with ceedog65. Maybe footballers can also bail out banks?

    Why the hell would someone need 100k pounds a week!!??!

  • alex

    There no doubt that football has bcome a fun fame venture

  • Kisubi Jamil

    i admit that Ronaldo is the best

  • Azeez nurudeen mofebe

    A player dt score highest goal in europe wit 47 goals all over.34 in la liga,8 in c/leage@5 in kins cup.creativity player.d best in d ward.

  • aondofa kwaghgba

    at dis point in time i don’t beliv there iz any player like messi. Messi is a football icon and with dat u can not compare him with d likes of ronaldo, rooney and even kaka. As for me i beilv messi can be betta than maradona.


    All are nothing but Ronaldinhoooo………..

  • adebayo

    messi is to good

  • kusko

    u can say wat u want but cristiano ronaldo is a complete player. he is the best by this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    I just think messi has the more usable skill like against arsenal in the champions league but ronaldo is probably the better winger but not striker. He has a worse team behind him though I’d have xavi and iniesta behind me any day

  • obioma

    messi is the best ,and will still remain the best in couple of years.

  • Oyekoya Ayodele

    2 me and 2 intelligent people i believe messi is d best bcos he can play on his own and can do unexpected things anytime

  • robert

    messi outshines ronaldo whenever they play against each other. point one. second point. after five encounter, ronaldo has still not scored a goal against barcelona. if he was so good why cant he score_

  • Jason

    Ronaldo is the best finisher, messi is the best dribbler, kaka/xavi is best playmaker. And Rooney is over rated, I had more faith in crouch than Rooney at the WC

  • kingsley

    i want to be a member

  • timmy

    Xavi hernandez and iniesta are better than messi and cristiano ronaldo

  • Marshall


  • gideon

    i love messi but ronaldo is my choice

  • saurav

    don’t compare messi with maradona, give him some more time. if we talk about current time footballers, there is no doubt about the fact that MESSI is the best

  • prince

    messi is a wizad, nd can neva b compere wit

  • adumaza

    messi 2 me ,d best in d world

  • Nges Denise Fonseh

    Christian Ronaldo to me is the best in the world

  • Nges Denise Fonseh

    Christian Ronaldo is the world’s best to me.

  • michael ani

    to me the richest footballer so far remain david beckham of england

  • megzi

    no more arguments plz!!!!!
    coz i dont believe u guyz can say that messi and ronaldo are the world best.
    coz i think iam !!!!!!!!!

  • arturo

    i think real madrid should not sell kaka to inter milan because kaka and ozil will be a great midifielders.

  • doctor jaway

    I think Ansenc Wenger should put more effort on commitment on his boys.

  • george

    football is the best

  • george

    i love messi

  • johnson edwards

    it so wack

  • stephen

    Torres is my world best player, and my world highest paid player.

  • harish

    torres and rooney are much more better than messi they should be the highest paid player in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dussi

    i think man u should buy gourcuff because he is the best substitute for the place of scohles!!!!!!!!

  • bhavesh

    i think man u should buy gourcuff,jesus navas,pato……. these star players to strengthen manchester united. these will be one of the best players in future.

  • juhi

    i think man city should not waste alot on transfer window.
    they should pick players from youth…….

  • Ebuka ken

    Lionel messi deserves 2 b d highest paid.long live mercyless messi.long live barcelona

  • srv

    Messi mania

  • kudzai zibako

    its not true for bekham that has in top 10 of the highest paid football player

  • kudzai zibako

    i think ronaldo is good gooder than messi what can you say about that

  • kudzai zibako

    i think ronaldo is good gooder than messi what can you say about that animal messi is the highest paid player , modise is better than that animal (babbon messi)

  • kudzai zibako

    c ronaldo is my most world bestplayerpaid player and the most my world highest

  • kudzai zibako

    top 10 of paid football player the highest should be like that ronaldo on top

  • kudzai zibako

    i think teves ii better than messi

  • nura musa kiru

    C Ronaldo should be d first paid football player,not mess.How U seeeeeeeee………..

  • nura musa kiru

    Hi guys cristy on top.

  • Bukola

    I want kaka back at acmilan.

  • Oktunde

    I think kaka shld go back 2 acmilan bt milan has 2 offload a midfielder first

  • Daniel

    i think lionel messi worths it but where is drogba,ribery,ashley cole

  • ndifon

    i think in the next two years morino will bring the champion’s leaque title to realmadrid

  • tobi

    I think manchester united is the best club in the world

  • dismas

    ronaldo outshines messi in everything messi is only gudd at keepingg the ball btn his legs,but ronaldo can be both agudd winger and striker,his finishing power is magnificent,he is agood freekick taker and can score from any angle,2mi ronaldo is simply the best

  • Bobby

    Eto’o you should be the 2nd best player after the lord of the rings(Lionel Messi).You are my hero samuel,your style and knowhow are really fascinating.Keep up the good work.Inter Milan is definitely blessed to have you in their keeping

  • zablone

    I think Lionel Messi deserves to be the best paid footballer all times. Kudos Messi. The second best paid footballer according to me should be Samuel Eto’o, the fantastique goal poacher.

  • stanley

    am wondering why they did not include among the top 10.

  • onibudo oladimeji

    as far as am concern c ronaldo is still the world best player.

  • lianna

    y’all sitting down there and talking bout who is better than who when it is just right there before u’all….KAKA….he could be the hightest paid footballer but he’s just doing what makes him happy so just stop talking bout who is the best player from who is not cause i’am sure that they all friends…..but one thing KAKA is better than c.ronaldo any day

  • usuf

    henry is best of them all , superman of world football

  • mboe

    for me and any good foot ball analist SAMUEL ETO”O is the best player.He is the best attacker and a charismatictic goal scorer.He scores unbelievable goals.infact he is the best.Watch out for he the world best this 2010 foot ball season.He places good foot ball free from voilence,scores in any direction from the field.LONG LIVE SAMUEL ETO”O.

  • H.Nelson Doyah

    Messi is the greatest of all in our time.

  • nasri

    the best of all is c ronaldo because he has all d quality to be the best and highest paid player in d me c ronaldo is far better than mercy.united 4 ever

  • gbengene

    nani is the best

  • gbengene

    chacherito i the best

  • gbengene

    as for me ronaldo he still the best world footballer player

  • wol

    samuel etto’o is the world’s best player coz of his talent and the setting he use to deliver people from horible situation

  • god

    Messi’s ability is a gift from d gods. By comparing, u could place a curse on c ronaldo and his likes. B where.

  • lordlugard lion

    If messi is d best, where was he in d world’s biggest football stage? Vincent enyeama single handedly messed him up. D truth is; fifa shld stop giving d award to children, while we have elderly men such as samuel eto, xavi, diego forlan, sneider etc. As 4 messi and c. Ronaldo, c is d best.



  • Charles

    I still believe in Messi

  • Sang

    You forget torres then, forget football.i am thinking about his wonders in football world.thank you

  • Sang

    leav alone messi, think about Torres

  • terry

    messi is 1of d greatest player ever leave
    those people dat dey wrote rubbish comment about him, if dey have him in there team dey would be talking like dat

  • JJKadry

    Without been biased,every reasonable football watchers should know dat lionel messi at his age is far more better and far preferred in any club than cRonaldo because anytime they meet cr9 is always out of the game.Pls watch barca vs man u and barca vs r.Madrid.

  • timmy

    I no messi is agoo ply but without no parsial sneijder surpose 2 be ther bcos d guy try very well n world cup and he carry champions league

  • timmy

    I no messi is a good ply but without no parsial sneijder surpose 2 be ther bcos d guy try very well n world cup and he carry champions league

  • theCAV

    R these figures annual or weekly???

  • Sola

    U forget john terry of chelsea.

  • auta

    c ronaldo u are 2 much u deserved the the highest paid player in world

  • ahamya obed

    christiano ronaldo deserve to be the highest eaner in football history then followed by wyne roony and then becham

  • Emmapolice

    I think messi deserve the highest paid player

  • Christain Chukwu

    No doubts brothers and sisters, football watchers..use your head and your sense..Messi is a lion, no messi no football.
    I think messi deserve the highest paid player

  • yo wizzy

    The list is perfect.and for all cr7 fans,you guys have to open your eyes and see the villian you are dying for.there is one thing that is greater than freekicks and height that messi has,,,,,that word is humble.cr7 is just too arrogant to be a player.

  • Selwyn

    My Son must play Football.

  • Selwyn

    My Son’s must play football morethan Messi and Christiano Ronaldo..amen

  • Nnanwuno Joshua.

    All this money or let’s wealth without christ is vanity.

  • kopeli

    Messi best player the world of football had ever produced. And xavi best middlefielder thn any in de world.

  • Enagameh solomon

    messi is the best player on earth

  • sanctos chinonso

    Honestly speaking, judging from history of football and from my exprience as a football lover, world has never ever produced a player who can or played up to 40% of what my MESSI plays in the field.

    However, MESSI is the best footballer world have evre produced. And he worths to be name world best again.

    LIONEL MESSI, i love u and thank the God that u play in the best club in the whole world.



    I lik messi but C.Ronaldo is far much beta dan him…..Sneidjer deserves d world best n not messi cos he he playd wel n scord 5 gols in the world cup.He won d champions league n richd d world cup finals.messi didnt win d champions league,he didnt score a gol in d world cup n he stopd in quata finals..So,sneidjer desavd 2 b d world best playa.


    I lik messi but C.Ronaldo is far much beta dan him…..Sneidjer deserves d world best n not messi cos he he playd wel n scord 5 gols in the world cup.He won d champions league n richd d world cup finals.messi didnt win d champions league,he didnt score a gol in d world cup n he stopd in quata finals n d world cup..So,sneidjer desavd 2 b d world best playa.

  • martino

    i like the way Ronaldo plays football but there in no reason to deny the fact that Messi is just so better than him.Go Messi u are the best

  • daniel adotey addo

    messi is the best and he deserves what he is getting

  • igwe sua

    y are people jst blind?hw can u compare death and life?cristiano is death while messi is life.messi is jst too good 2 play football.any team with messi is a cheat becos messi is 3 in 1.imagine 13 players against 11.that messi did not score in d world cup(4 matches) is no criteria why he doesn,t deserve world best.what of the other tournaments?or why did mourinho win the best coach?did he win the world cup?as for the arrogant c.ronaldo,i know dat messi is your worst nightmare.if its a lie,lets ask arsene wenger,cassilas or even mourinho.

  • stanlosky

    Ronaldo deserve to be world highest paid player considering the club but Messi still remains the best in the world.

  • bash

    emmanuel usman is d best futballer in da world. check him out @ CSA abuja

  • Archie

    Kaka is the best football player the history of football has ever seen

  • oumide olajide

    i luv messi and mess is d best in d world

  • Adekoya adeshina-ayomi

    Messi is the best player in the world we don’t need to argue that, c ronaldo is also a good player but 4now u can take anything away 4rm the little messi

  • Emmy Brown

    Christiano Ronaldo,is the best of all presently and deserve to be the most expensive football star ever….

  • Chuma

    Lionel messi deserve the fifa ballon d’ or award bcos of his individual style play,his 57 goal tally last season.He is notably far better than ronaldo,xavi &iniesta.Infact he is a genius.He is from another planet.

  • rade

    ithin all suporter of messi is blind b/c with out inesta and xavi messi is nothing just like in world cup he is stuppid gay where is the goal scorer guy in world cup where is heplease look the re playe of the game .and also he is striker he is a goal scorer but CR7 IS amidfilder but they have equal goal wwhat do you think about this with out the best xavi and inesta iknow the behaviour of CR7 it is not nice but it is abest player . think it when CR7 is in barca it is enough to compare with messi so CR7 IS BEST THAN MESSI.IT IS NOT THAN ronaldiniho . ronaldinho is the best of the best it is greater than CR7 AND messi really it is atallented man all peopla bleave in this idea . ilove ronaldiniho. gardiola is stuppid man he is not like ablack striker just like et’o, hennry,ronaldiniho why they are the best et’o is greater than zalantan but he is …

  • onakpoma iscolarry

    lionel messi remains d world best.

  • simone mostoles madrid

    lionel messi is the best in the world

  • Archi

    Messi is young he deserves this due to the fact that his done so much for his club barcelona,concedering his age his indeed done a remarkable performance on the ground

  • Rafi Ahmadi

    Messi is the best of best , he is a magic player, all afghans votes for him & love him very much, no one can be at top only Messi the magic player gooooo messi…………..

  • Aun

    C.ronaldo is the best…………not messi…….

  • Yakubu

    To me ronaldo is the best bout messi is one of the best too i like is football partnen and the way he drive and he is not always complain.Messi is good.

  • druza

    even a blind person can see that both of this players are hot,but messi is much hotter than cris-ronaldo although they play different roles in the pitch,messi deserve highest payment than this short tempered ronaldo.

    • Helios Oke

      pls dn`t throw any insalt

      • Fayisha

        Why not? Can’t you catch? LOOL

    • Todd

      even  a blind person can see C R s BONER

  • Olisa

    Messi’s parents made a mistake in giving him that name,because he is mercyless.He is dangerous,Messi is a FOOTBALLER

  • grant ebys /08037782348

    men like messi,drogba,mikel,jokn terry,cech, the are the best

    • legendcheese

      because you’re not a  chelsea fan..

    • Hakeem

      is a lie.why wounld u compare messi with does foolish player.i tink u re chealsea fans
      ..plz stop dat rubbish

      • Sisir_upen15

        that is not a problem to compare with anyone player of the world

    • MncedisiMillardMotantsi


  • kingsley

    ofcourse i respect him and he is a great player a kind of that in anyday will give result.
    but that real ronaldo for me is the best striker in all time.
    that we haven´t got any player like his type.
    God bless the real ronaldo.

    • Ali

      exactly the el fenomino luiz nazario de lima is the greatest footballer of all time

  • hunt

    The best Player i have ever saw playing and is still the best is Ronaldhino…no bias , Messi is brilliant and good Ronaldhino is SUPERB..

  • Emmanuel Okpara

    cristiano ronaldo is one of d best player in d world and he is among d 10 highest paid player in d world but 4 me ronaldo should be d number 1 paid player in d world bcos ronaldo is a fanstastic player. Up real madrid d best club in d world 4 now.

  • Zain

    surprising to see no xavi or iniesta up there…

  • Why do you wanna now my name

    its me man

  • Why do you wanna now my name

    no he isnt simone mostole madrid he can only attack

  • Why do you wanna know my name

    NOT DEFEND (>o<)

  • Fifinho

    I was actually a bit surprised not to see a Manchester City player of some sort up there but I suppose they’re just expensive as a collective whole 😛

  • Majority Leader


  • Utopiaworld

    Beckham is the best player in the football history…

  • Felipe Bazon

    What is Beckham and Ronaldinho doing on that list. This proves to me how much money is being wasted in Football these days.

  • Jimiedmonds

    just watching RMA v BAR in the semi ov CL and they r both average in the first half,,, they cry to the ref all the time and mess end cri” ron are good but they lack the fight for 90 mins spirit like rooney, drog,and other players in the premiership.

  • Odusolaayo

    don’t worry i would b d highest paid in 2017

  • rishabh

    hi your belog is mind blowing great stuff

    check my

  • rishabh

    hi your belog is mind blowing great stuff

    check my

  • nike


    • Dembiumar

       my friend you don’t know what your talking about how do say tha.So what will you about Zinadine ZIDANE & Gaukyo Ronaldinho the best two players ever and ever.

    • Dembiumar

       my friend you don’t know what your talking about how do say tha.So what will you about Zinadine ZIDANE & Gaukyo Ronaldinho the best two players ever and ever.

      • Ronith40

        Ya u r ryt..both of dem were the best

    • Dembiumar

       my friend you don’t know what your talking about how do say tha.So what will you about Zinadine ZIDANE & Gaukyo Ronaldinho the best two players ever and ever.

    • McedisiMillardMotantsi


      • Ronith40

        I’m SORRY to interrupt CUZ  i just WANNA say that u got no idea about MESSI and i feel that u dont know how to judge a GAME..A BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYER always says that MESSI is the best player of 2day and he will remain da NO.1 in the history of all time..Messi can take and dribble every1 in the field and contribute for FCB.

      • Todd

        i agree with Ronith40 cos C RON gets a MASIVE BONER over a free-kick

      • Ghdfhlkgjdfshlk

        and no one is preventing u from defending or attacking for real madrid.. know and speak the truth before it tool later…

  • Nike

    messi is my everything in football life

    • Www Manirujjaman

      you are a mad,damn can you think so.meeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is the best than anyonelse.

    • TornyiBarnabásazIsten

      Get a life

  • Tapha

    One man cannot be call as a team..All this footballers are good so there is noway to discriminate.

  • nsuli brolin

    football is a beautiful me the most creative footballer is RONALDIHNO HIS AN ICON IN FOOTBALL. HE MAKES THE GAME LOOKS SPIZY

  • nsuli brolin

    football is a beautiful me the most creative footballer is RONALDIHNO HIS AN ICON IN FOOTBALL. HE MAKES THE GAME LOOKS SPIZY

  • Mkgjhvfgnbc

    ronaldoooooooooooo is theee besttt

  • Rubel

    messi is the world best player no matter what people say
    ronaldo is good not good as messi no one is good as messi
    he is on piece

    • Darianduggan

      thas why ronaldo scored more goals in la liga  in 1 season than any other footballer in history so think again

      • Salfex

        @bff8fbc647e70d822d430e3ea4000f3e:disqus  Darianduggan
        Dude u r too narrow minded to see Messi scored more goals in all competitions than your so called ronaldo.. and went ahead to lift a champions league. FACT.

      • mark messi


      • ju an

        Mes si scored 50 goals in 2012 in the Liga ante Ronaldo high was of

      • hot

        I am 10

    • Scott

      Messi is good. He’s full of pace skill and agility.

      But he lacks the stamina, strength, athleticism, and power of christiano, they are equal in skill and even speed maybe.

      Ronaldo is the perfect footballer

      Hence why his statistics are some of the highest in recorded history

      • Pastor Richard kafula

        you cant compare messi to ronaldo,messi is nothing ronaldo is something

    • jou

      that a lie ronaldo is better

    • thiago messi

      yess messi is the good and best of the world ronaldo is so so boastful… messi is good..

  • Rubel

    messi is better then any one
    people might think that the new barazilian kid neymar will do something for his country but wait and see next world cup

  • Qealreid

    i thoght gerrad would be in that list

    • Bamuza joshua

      steven gerard will definitely be  best!

    • Brian masamha

      your right one of the most under rated players but the man is an animal on the pitch ,he is not the best but he is a legend C R and the rest can contest on that one 

  • Okiji Adebayo

    c ronaldo is d best player

    • Todd

      his BONER takes up the whole screen ;D

  • NAKS Watiko

    I love Eto’o. he is my Inspiration.God of Attackers in a dicat.For more than 10years he has been in the best form.I love you  Papa  SAMUEL  Etoo

  • Jake

    why have all footballers’ pay decreased so much?

  • Mogulfestee

    C Ronaldo is the best player in this world

    • Adetomiwaadelusi

      messi  is the father of football

  • Hamzarehamnmessi

    fck messi love c.ronaldo

  • Geraldscotland


  • Opamary8

    where is sneijder???????????????????????

  • chidon

    marvelous,exciting,supernatural,sensation incredible(MESSI) the only player that wish his mother a happy birthday with a goal,infact i rated you number one even in five years to come.

  • Lfonebi

    c.ronaldo is the best player and play very well

  • leonard fonebi

    messi plays well but he is very selfish

  • Nic

    Christiana Ronaldo said “God sent me to earth to show the world how to play football”. Messi said ” I did not send anyone

  • Eyoumsamajunior

    Eto’o the best in africa



  • Vanessatashalini

    c r is d best….

    • Todd

      with the biggest boner

  • Sam_glencairn

    neymar will b best 😉

    • Paulson_blink22

       now not Ronaldo but Neymar.. U are even better than Neymar cos he himself said Messi is the best…

  • John

    Very soon my guy Jack Wilshere wil be included among the best player.

  • tbibek

    Rooney is the best

  • Ombatigeorge

    CR is the best footballer in world compared 2 messi

  • Ankit_ale

    lampard is my best footballer

  • Ankit_ale

    lampard is my best footballer

  • Kundu

    CR7 is the best in the world now, but I respect Ronaldinho till date

  • Eteboyekene

    EMEKA is the best i mean it

  • Orokduke

     Guys, let me tel u MESSI remains num 1 in de world

  • fred

    For your information my debators, pls don’t compare messi with CRISTIANO RONALDO for anything in terms of football they are not mate. C7. RONALDO is too much for messi to be compare with, and C7. RONALDO is the best among the BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • sean

    vastly over paid monkeys , dont they know there are people dieing on this planet , oh and when was the last time beckcom did something usefull for this country,… go figure

  • Bob

    your all sados

  • Bob

    go on google pen island

  • Sc1561

    well king becks is always in the running what a legend

  • Todd


  • Dffkg

    Who’s boner?

  • Omoshalewa Olushola

    messi is d best player in d world


  • frank

    messi likes it in the wrongun

  • TOD

    ronoldo has a fat boner in his picture

    • Timothy Sou

      he gets overly excited every time he takes a free kick 

    • Karl

       That’s why he scores… everyone’s looking the other way.

    • Pastor Richard kafula

      ronaldo is the world best player my dear…

  • Nurudeenoduye

    messi is the their father

  • Aaronlake12

    HESKEY IS BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dohcrico

    Ronaldo R9 is the best ever soccer player

  • MncedisiMillardMotantsi


  • Nkatiku


  • Reymi Rodriguez

    yall are lost. cr7 is the best player in  the world if it wasnt for iniesta or xavi messi wouldnt exist. tell me what he does for argentina.? shit cause iniesta and xavi arent there to feed him.

  • sabweGeoffrey

    After bacelona selling him  to inter he proved to be tough by  demolishing his former rivals barcelona yes Samuel Eto  u made the news and it
    remained in the world book of records

  • TODD


  • Emmanuelashitei

    pls do ur home work well

  • Alieforna

    ALIE FORNA                                                                                            THE ONLY THING THAT CAN CHANGE FOOTBALL IN THIS MODERN AGE IS THE ABSENCE OF MESSI. SO LONG LIVE THE CURRENT KNIG OF FOOT BALL

  • Harrison

    Ronaldo is asked to to please control his front view.

  • Oadetola77

    Ronaldo is the best fifa is not fair to the world

  • The Man

    Ronaldo’s Third Leg, it has scored a couple of goals, no wonder he’s good.

  • Ashimpandit

    mesi is the highest score in the world football.his score is 234 gol.

  • Ashimpandit

    the indian football is poor position at this time(2012).
    because he is effected

  • suweta stewart

    if we talk of pure talent then messi is the king. cristiano scores but at times after 4 shots .what about messi, he doesnt seem to put that much effort coz to him its just natural. eish messi is just too good to compare.

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  • Haatliman

    to me ronaldo is far better than messi

  • Rk132706

    ronaldo has bettr free kick than messi..better header than messi,, he can take long shots,,, his weak foot is same as his right foot i mean he can shoot by both right and left while messi will first control and then use his left foot.. CRISTIANO RONALDO being a WINGER scores as many goals in fact more than messi(last season) .. so before saying anything fr ronaldo gain some knoledge abt the game..

  • Eddy21

    Well I Think u Guys should shut up because messi and ronaldo are equally the same


  • Werthuguys

    haha he has a chode

  • Bob

    ronaldos well the best face it he has better skilland more speed as messi

  • hero

    hahahahahah thats very bad of messi coz ronaldo deserve the world best player…

  • Pastor Richard kafula

    I believe Christian Ronaldo and Ronadihno are the world best prayers.

  • Florence Akinyi


  • logardandrew

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the right persons to get this and it most expensive player in the world.

  • azariah Hallowanger

    messi is the greatest footballer that ever kick the object.

  • L BOLN


  • L BOLN

    Ya mam lolol

  • Mr know it all!!!

    They both are excellent players but the roles they play are different. Barcelona rely on messi where real madrid don’t rely on ronaldo it give ronaldo more freedom so there is no pressure to play well he can have nights off when he plays for portugal he is the bolloxs no different from messi! Different situation if both in the same situation? Wonder who would look better?

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  • T Brocx Magaisa

    of coarse soccer is messi

  • Iheonunekwu Joseph Nwabueze

    Messi, Ronaldo, ETO’O, JJ Okocha and Kalu Nwankwo who is the all time best

  • Abenet Amanuel

    Ronaldo should be the highst paid!!!

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  • Mrshuthefukup

    I guess the sight of ballls turns C-RON on.

  • Jonothan Ross

    Big one.

  • Arnav

    excuse me ….youll keep accusing messi …for being helped by Xavi and Iniesta but you’ll dont take into consideration that most of ronaldos goals are also because of crosses etc…by maria, ozil, benzema, etc… ya ..Messi also gets help and so does ronaldo..cause football is a TEAM GAME….
    considering all that ….Surely MESSI is a better player….ronaldo is good …very good….but messi is better.!
    hala MESSI .. !

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  • Sharp criuz

    well not much things till what i except thats what am seeing thats good

  • Uk’sSTriker

    Luis Suarez is in fact the worlds number one!!! He’s got it all and he’s got a bite to his performance :)

  • thiago messi

    messi is the bestt of the world..

  • ligabbva

    Who has the most goals scored in a season: Messi
    Who has the most golden balls earned: Messi
    Who has won the most titles for a club in 1 season: Messi

    Who is the greatest player of this generation: Messi

    sorry ronaldo fans, he used to be good but never will come close to messi.

  • teri


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  • Zulu

    Zulu (South Africa)
    Gents, I have seen players like Ronaldo before, but I have never seen a player like Messi in the history of football and I think there will never be any such player ever… this guy is a God of football.. this guy is…… iyathakatha (is bewitched in my language- isiXhosa) and does it continuosly…

  • youssef

    yaya toure gets paid 250,000 POUNDS!

  • youssef

    and Ronaldo is the best in the world no talk

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    nature. thanks share the post Hiking
    shoes for


  • Emmanuel

    i like to pay football in Real Madrid

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