In one of the weekend’s more bizarre stories, a Free-kick from FC Bayern Munich’s Daniel van Buyten seemingly smashed the insides out of the adidas ball that was being used.

As you can see from the above video, the veteran Belgian midfielder hammers a free-kick from just outside the FC Koln area – which then takes a huge deflection from the studs of an incoming defender.Arjen Robben holds the ball broken by one of his Bayern Munich team mates whilst taking a free-kick

The ball then spirals off course before coming to the feet of Arjen Robben, who decides to hammer the busted ball into the stands, much to the delight of the fans.

As freak occurrences go, destroying the match-ball is certainly unusual – and will certainly cast some unwanted attention on adidas (makers of the matchball; the Torfabrik II) – who have only just revealed the follow-up to the controversial Jabulani; the Tango 12. had the distinct please of seeing how adidas’ footballs are tested, and we’re pretty confident this one is a complete one-off, that likely has more to do with the velocity of the free-kick, the movement of the defender and hitting a set of studs at a speed likely in the hundreds of kilometres-an-hour at near-point-blank range.

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  • Daboyo

    Fake. Adidas leaked tv add

    • Insider_11

      I’m guessing you’re not a football fan since this happened in a genuine league game…

  • Poler

    Adidas quality

  • hc80

    It popped because it was smashed into the studs of the defender side on, the ball scraped on the studs and ripped open, unfortunate but it happens.

  • Ben Harris

    No big deal, could’ve happened to any ball.

  • MikeC

    This would NOT have happened to the leather balls used 20 years ago. Today’s merchandise is just gimmicky and full of rubbish.

  • KhĂ´i Danno

    well,but still have to admit that adidas has serious problem with matchballs in recent years