Spanish giants make it 6 years running as the highest earners – but the rest of the list might surprise you…

Richest Football Club

Financial Powerhouse Deloitte annually compiles the Football Money League based solely on day-to-day income from football business, and does not include the cost of transfer fees or player wages, from the 5 biggest footballing Nations across Europe.

2011’s Football Money League

1.) Real Madrid £359.1m
2.) Barcelona £325.9m
3.) Manchester United £286.4m
4.) Bayern Munich £264.4m
5.) Arsenal £224.4m
6.) Chelsea £209.5m
7.)'  AC Milan £193.1m
8.) Liverpool £184.5m
9.) Inter Milan £184.1m
10.) Juventus £167.8m
11.) Manchester City £125.1m
12.) Tottenham Hotspur £119.8m
13.) Hamburg SV £119.7m
14.) Olympique Lyonnais £119.6m
15.) Olympique de Marseille
16.) Schalke 114.5m
17.) Atletico Madrid £101.9m
18.) AS Roma £100.5m
19.) Stuttgart £94.0
20.) Aston Villa £89.6m

For comparison, here’s 2010’s Football Money League

1.) Real Madrid 401.4m
2.) Barcelona 365.9m
3.) Manchester United 327m
4.) Bayern Munich 289.5m
5.) Arsenal 263m
6.) Chelsea 242.3m
7.) Liverpool 217m
8.) Juventus 202.3m
9.) Inter Milan 196.5m
10.) AC Milan 196.5m
11.) Hamburger SV 146.7m
12.) AS Roma 146.4
13.) Olympique Lyonnais 139.6m
14.) Olympique de Marseille 133.2m
15.) Tottenham Hotspur 132.7m
16.) Schalke 124.5m
17.) Werder Bremen 114.7m
18.) Borussia Dortmund 103.5m
19.) Manchester City 101.2m
20.) Newcastle United 101.0m

The big and most obvious story is Manchester City leaping from 19th to 11th; Sheikh Mansour’s millions has brought in a handful of new stars and increased attendance at Eastlands – leading to a greater day-to-day income for the North-Eastern club.

Newcastle United has dropped off the list entirely and been replaced by Aston Villa in a surprise move up the league by the Midlands side.

Real Madrid seem like immovable objects at the top of the table, with stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká ensuring the Spanish giants sell out their massive Bernabeau stadium for just about every game.

Though, with a massive new Shirt Sponsorship deal in the pipeline for Barcelona, the Catalonia club could see that gap close over the next four years.

What do you think of this year’s table? Any big stories worth mentioning?

  • Nick

    man city are north west. newcastle ftw

  • iPodkiller

    I did not expect that Man City is at # 19 and #11, they got so much money from the Dubai investors.

  • kevin

    notice in the top pic that cr9s wearing the windchill superfly, not the safaris

  • iPodkiller

    Nice eyes Kevin.

  • zc

    im surprised dortmond has dropped of the list with all the success they’ve had this season

  • Emmanuel Okpara

    i have been saying it dat real madrid is d best club in whole world with their powerful history with them. Up real madrid 4 life..

    • Louis H 2005

      shut up you muppet

  • Oluomo25

    i have also been saying it that barcelonia is the best club in the world comment from olumide in nigeria oche………..