Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 SafariNike Mercurial Vapor CR7 SafariNike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Safari

Nike’s big release this Winter is the new Nike CR7 Safari range of footwear – designed to the exact specifications of Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo!

These bold animal-print pieces of footwear are being sold with the tagline ‘Be Fast, Be Seen’ and it’s safe to say that anyone who laces up these football boots will definitely ‘be seen!’.

Nike are catering for every taste with this range (Well, as long as animal-print and orange is your taste!) with a selection of different football boots – including special editions of the Mercurial Vapor VI and the high-tech Superfly II for players who ply their turf on a pitch, and a stunning looking Lunar Gato for all you 5-a-side Ronaldos out there!

The whole range is available to pre-order right now, and will be released fully on November the 15th.

The range’s flagship football boots; the Superfly II, will be debuted by Cristiano Ronaldo himself on Ronaldo on November 7th at the Santiago Bernabeu, in what will be a explosive derby with Atletico Madrid!

Ronaldo becomes one of the select few players to have been given a ‘custom’ boot by Nike, with the only previous two being a couple of Cristiano’s namesakes – Legendary Brazil players Ronaldo and Ronaldinho!

  • BiyiAdetunji

    Ive Seen a picture before of superfly’s this Print with an orange tick, alot like the orange on the first superfly II colorway

    Although sadly nowadays, limited edition, also means very expensive :/

  • NP9

    Yeah I saw the same picture that BiyiAdetunji mentioned, it looks… sort of weird! I dunno whether those Superflys will be released but let’s wait then to see them in action and judge how they look.

  • J

    Ugliest boot ever

  • DS1

    where can i find this picture?

  • harry

    seen them as well but they were labelled as superfly iii. not really impressed with the look of them. i bet cristiano would love to play in a pair of f50s but money got the better of him.

  • Taylor

    I have seen the same thing as the rest. I have heard they are specifically for Ronaldo. I’m pretty sure they are just superfly II’s not a newer version of them. They look interesting to say the least…

  • MisterBroom12

    I need to get a pair of the Superfly II with this Safari print. Not necessarily their best colorway but being a Nikehead I can’t pass up on their safari print debuting on a pair of boots.

  • Matt Kriner

    time to start saving some cash

  • Jack

    my girlfriend will love these!

  • Terry Huler

    I love the way Nike come out with these weird ideas, genius…

  • Pablo

    haha this will be interesting.
    I hate that whenever I see nike football it always comes up with american football. but I guess thats what I get for living in the U.S….

  • Tyson Gautreaux

    its the catwalks that nike are bothered about, how about a shoe that we can afford and that does the business?

  • Jairzinho

    cant imagine Rooney in a spotted boot

  • zc

    I think it might be a ‘safari’ search for young upcoming players

  • Newt

    Its Ronald who will champion this safari boot with a Superfly

  • channo


    brighter colorways, less technical innovation.

    this is the very reason why i switched to mizuno.
    we have mukaiten panels, feather touch, glove-fit, comfort… y’know, those thingie that developed on their laboratory for the sake of our performance improvement -not on some fashion show to improve our bling-o-meter.

  • Jairzinho

    who cares about this, nikes boots are pants anyway.

  • Splinter09

    As long as Nike don’t use real animal skins to do this new Safari Collection it should be ok. I’m keen to find out what this new Nike Safarai Collection will be all about.

  • Matt Kriner

    Come on Footy Boots whow us the whole cleat, i know you will have the details.

  • Hippo

    They need to pull somthing out of the bag with this boot release as adidas are caning Nike with the adizero.

  • Geo

    if it is the animal print shown above then it kind of looks more like the cement that was used on the Jordan 3’s, i know that’s a basketball shoe but that’s the first thing that came to mind. I’m a nikehead but i think nike just need to stick with the colors and leave print out of football boots.

  • BiyiAdetunji

    There used to be a comment here from some other guy, that had a link to a facebook picture of the boots in question, i guess footy boots deleted it :/

  • Joe

    Actually there had benn some pics wondering around, its laike a snow leopard plaid. The cleats I have seen are Mercurial Miracle and Vapor VI either way probably its a Mercurial color range for all versions, I have to add that in the pics the insole shows a label that says Especially Made For Cristinano Ronaldo

  • bob

    New superfly colourway blue/silver?

    check out the video on the link

    A commercial with zlatan Ibrahimovic in which he wears blue/silver mercurial superflys, maybe not for the public but who knows?

  • bob

    They can be seen toward the end of the commercial btw

  • Pablo


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  • Weaber

    I’d never buy these, to in your face a defender would have it in for me before the game kicks off, but id respect anyone if they do have them

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  • bob

    ronaldo may be skilled but he takes way too much dives…

  • Aussie Lad

    The best thing about these cleats is that cookies and cream ice-cream sales are going to skyrocket!

  • kevin

    all i can say is…ew

  • lomonaco

    disgusting attempte

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