Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Football Boots.

Update: Looking for the new Mercurial Vapor VI? Go to the Vapor 6 article.

Original Mercurial Vapor 4 Article July 2007:

Here are some of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV colourways, the Vapor IV supersedes the highly successful Nike Mercurial Vapor III football boots.


Nike Mercurial Vapor 4


Mercurial Vapor IV

Made famous by Premier League stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Andrei Arshavin and Aaron Lennon the Mercurial Vapor IV became the most popular and recognisable boot of its period, featuring:

Speed Plate
The Mercurial Vapor IV features Nike’s innovative Speed Plate technology designed to give players instant acceleration and make them fastest to the ball. Additionally, a re-engineered upper has been crafted not just to make players faster, but faster while dribbling and shooting.

Tactile Coating

In order to aid dribbling with the ball at speed, just one seam exists in the shoe’s upper material, while a new stitched stretch lace cover creates a cleaner ball contact area. The football boot is also wrapped in a clear tactile coating that creates a gripped surface for all playing conditions.

Vapor Traction System

The Mercurial Vapor IV’s Vapor Traction System broadens the scope of player fit; heel pods have been expanded laterally for more cushioning and extra protection. Stabilising the foot, a form-fitting insert cradles the heel, while a Glass Fiber heel wrap provides lightweight stability with minimal slippage. All told, the comfortable ride of the Mercurial Vapor allows for sustained play at speed, keeping the ball where it should be: on your feet or in the net.

Read about the Nike Mercurial Vapor III football boots, or the latest Mercurial Vapor VIfootball boots.


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  • RV

    Those football boots are cool, going to get them, if they come in white and red or blue.

    • luke

      Well nice boots but not as nice as the vapor 3

      • ibbe

        vapor 4 are the nicest boots i never seen before

        • DYL

          nah mercurial vapors chrome is the best boots looks so sweet and its hell light it feels like i have nothing even on. + the best soccer team is Man U yer lol

      • gggggggoooooonnnneeeeeeeerrrr


        • salman

          you are crazy these shoes are the best!

      • gabe

        thankkkk you, I SAY THAT EVREY DAYYY……….

    • Dan

      Gimme a U gimme a GLY what does that spell – UGLY

      • ME

        respect man those boots look boog… if vapors start to look like f50’s i will start to wear hytech boots no lie…

        • dakota

          they are terdy

      • Kabu

        Gimme a hell muuffukin yeah!!

        they are so bad!!

        glad someone elses eyes are functioning properly!

      • fresh fly legend

        you are so stupid they are not ugly they are sooooo hot!!!!!

      • Dos Santos

        I have d pink/white macrofibre mecurials and by d lukz of it gurlz r dying 4 me nd ma boots bcoz i am so talented in soccer.dey r so cul and light

        • Its called football… It was invented in Britian. Not America so go make another sport where you can grab eachother and think of your own name for it…

      • salman

        shut up best shoes ever.

    • sam

      look heavy and real ugly probably just gonna get the new preds for the season

      • zach

        yo man u r wak.
        vaps r the cewlzt. the only thing bd is that they r heavyer now they still weigh less than predators

      • booty

        sick eyesight

      • JC

        i have the red and black preds.. they are good for shooting and crossing but not great touches. the seams at the toe are ripping. the laces are awful too.. i am gettin a pair of the vaporsIV

    • Brandon

      the vapor 3’s had a much more clasic lok and thats what i like about vapors. the nike check is to large. Yet, they still might be good boots.

      • jazz

        i agree totally with brandon, vapors have always been a simple, classic look, but if nike carried on doing a classic look for vapors, they would soon run out of ideas, if not already.

        • Ivan Walcott

          and i agree with jazz and brandon…as unique as they look the vapors are known for an original but classy look and thats what i like…i mite even switch to reebok

          • nike vapour iv king

            i have the new one nike superfly they are so light you run like the wind in them thay are so wicked you should all get a pair but there like 202 pounds my couisn got them for me its true when they say they are wired for speed

          • david brownman

            these are totally garbage like christiano renldo

    • Mace

      Silver base, tart orange swoosh and a zinc heel; potentially a great buy but the swoosh is probably a touch big and the boot lacks the design shown on the MV III.

    • khalid

      i am sure the pic is fake…the laces would be in the way when shooting and would affect shot direction…believe me or not, i KNOW its fake, i cant believe people actually are convinced its real…

      look at the concept of T90 Lasers, this would be the exact opposite, there is a bulge on the boots where the laces are hidden, FAKE

      • dmob

        you dumb faggot the boots are on the nike team website they aren’t fake

      • anon bootfanatic

        You think you know a lot about football boots with your crappy design of boot would affect shooting argument , of course to an inbred sapp like you this means the photo must be fake…..Cough cough.

      • christaia

        ur hella stupid!!

      • {:}

        i have these boots man wth are you talking about?

    • jules

      i think these boots are prob the same as the the vapour 3 2 wear, so there will be no difference in compfort, cos im sure we all agree that they are a compfy boot. but looks wise i dont think they r as nice as the 3s, what the hell is that massive tick doin on there, it is horrible, but if these boots r real, y havnt we seen n e pro’s wearing them?

    • vapor 4 rok

      u guys suck, those are cool boots

    • Sam Crabtree

      i agreeeeee….. i will only by theese boots if they come out in all white,white/red,white/blue or black

    • robbie

      they should make them in yellow and green sikk ..

    • liz

      love these boots, they are heavier than the 3s but if they take off the heel guards then theyd be the best i love the tounge flaps that cover the laces, but they are a bit wider than the 3s but I have a really narrow foot

    • qpskcb

      f54k you these cleats suck you have to get the lotto zhero gravities they are the bomb

    • MIguel

      I will get some too but in blue just like u…

  • bob

    those things r heka ugly

    • stefan

      I agree with that.
      Vapor 4 is nice, but not nice as Nike Mercurial Vapor III.

    • i hate u faggots who dont like the vaper 4

      all u people are douesch bags for not liking the new vapors.i think there awesome. and the fake kid i mean what the hell the boot is not fake. also for the kid whose wondering y none of the pros are wering it, its because there not in stores yet u ass. and about the lace cover. look at the f5o’s there is no buldge from the laces. thes shoes are the shit im gona get them.

      • Gregg

        Maybe you’ve never worked or studied in graphic design, but as an experienced user of Photoshop, I can guarantee that these boots — or at least this image of them — is a fake. Look at the tongues, for example. Maybe the rest of the boots are genuine, maybe not, but those tongues are a clear Photoshop job. They’re not even in the same focus as the rest of the boots, and the perspective on the Nike Swoosh is totally wrong.

        Look closer next time.

      • william

        yeah man i agree these boots r well buff so whoever ses there neeky and r “fake even GET A FUKIN LIFE coz they r sick famm!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G$Money

    Just a BIT of a total copy of the Tunits?

    • calum

      how can i see an image of the boot can u send me a link or a pic please, thanx

  • shoe daddy

    looks like a clowns shoe, with a massive swoosh plonked on.

    In a word; MINGING

  • Badaman

    These are nice. good effort by Nike by removing the site of laces. They are not copying Adidas thats like saying all companies copied the first football boot because they have laces. Think about it, its the future

    • yuwot

      ur right mate gud point

  • sanga

    think they will be very good

  • Josh

    Eh… I don’t like them better than the MVIII‘s they don’t have enough of a classic look and I don’t like the hidden laces. And the Nike swoosh is a bit too big. We’ll see how the end product goes.

    Nike should not start with those colours though, start off plain and simple just to get the ball rolling. White/black and Black/white.

    • soccerfan

      where can you see these boots?

  • Jack

    The nike swoosh takes up far too much of the boots. i like the simplicity of the Nike MV III‘s with 2 small nike ticks on each side.
    The final version should have a much smaller tick.But the covered laces is a good idea.

  • JEE

    The football boots are really good. I think the hidden lases part is a good design so you can hit the ball better. Maybe they have went a bit over the top with the swoosh though.

  • ufule

    Can someone please tell me where I can find a picture of those new Vapors???

  • Dab

    Yeah a picture would be nice

  • sasso

    where is the pic of these boots

  • macca8
  • Barry

    They arnt Mega ugly but not as good as Nike Mercurial Vapor IIIs are they. Because they are jst Beatiful

  • Trey James

    Can u please tell me where u had seen the images? i have a choice to either get one of the newest colours of MVIII or wait for the MVIV but i’d rather see what I look like first.

  • cj

    where do you find the freakin pics?

  • Alex

    Haha! Ok er…all I’ll say is, as long as they don’t stop making 3s I’ll be ok. Until the 5s that is…unless they suck too.

  • tyson

    if those come in black and white or better yet, all black, and a talaria version, i will be buying them.

  • pardjaks

    i hope these new ones (which are ugly BTW) don’t come out right when my new 3’s come in the mail. BEJESUS

  • AzzA superstar

    they look alright but not as sexier as the III’s coz the bit at the back looks shit on the new ones

  • jeff mcjefferson

    wicked man!!!but i have just got some new mi adidas predators and i had the black and gold vapour III’s last year.these arnt bad though i have to admit

  • k-man

    it looks like a giant orange tird with a nike swoosh on it

  • Steff Evs

    Everyone who thinks these football boots are ugly are wrong they are lush. And if you think they are copying Adidas with the covering the laces then your wrong again because Reebok done that years ago. I’ll be the first to get these when they come out in the gold colour shown above.

  • Nico5


  • shadowz

    their pretty crazy i like them i’d buy them if u made them in white and blue

  • GS828

    They look awesome! Im gonna get my hands on a pair when they come out!
    (the lace covers look like the ones on the F50)

  • charles

    estan muy guapas, aver si alguien me podria mandar un mail si hay mas informacion sobre las mercurial vapor IV,


    soi espanol

  • x fred

    these are nice but look a bit like plastic. However I think I will buy them even though iam an adidas buyer.

  • Zachary



    • JORDAN

      Agreed … go fury, these boots are insane and i will buy themn as soon as they are on shelves

  • ed

    wats the other side look lyk
    anyone gota pic?
    theyre pretty nasty n not nice

  • J

    these r hidious.. wht wer the dam designers thinkn?? wot wer thy smoking man??? honestly.. i can neva eva see myslf buying those.. evn th old vapors luk beta!! cum on.. th dam boot ent got ne gd features to it,, th retros r evn beta lukn,, all nike does is change th swoosh and the designs at th back of the heel… a complete idiot can do a beta job of that!!!

  • carl

    Those shoes look like someone took a shit and then puked on it… disgusting….they totally butchered the sickest shoes ever made…

  • Joey23

    I Live For February.

  • nick

    those r ugly… mayb if the nike sign was so big itd be better, but itd probly still b ugly

  • Addidas

    the shoes suck they should come out with something better.

  • bourdon

    the vapor III are most best that these shoes and they look f50+ shoes

  • james jenkins

    cmon guys, id buy these boots if they would do them in red and white, white and blue, white and gold. They are nice =)

  • Jeremy

    Omg…are u kidding me? These are Ugly as hell! Wtf were nike thinking? It is a MVII with covered laces. Im hopeing when these come out MVIII’s will go to like $80-$120 at most

  • james jenkins

    actually, i think they should make the nike tick a lot smaller and……you remember the dotty effect on the back of the vapor 3’s, they should make the dotty effect around the sides of the vapor 4’s along with the smaller ticks on the side…..true or false

  • james jenkins

    i wanna know w.t.f the silver bits around the back are!

    • dan richards

      do u play tennis and used 2 go 2 cowbridge skwl

  • Ganaa

    true and agree with James Jenkins..But do anyone know when the release date is?

  • logan

    they look pretty good, but how are u supposed to get to the laces? or is that cover so flexible u can just stretch it to get under? dont get it NIKE GIVE US MORE PICTURES!!! got me some vapor III’s and very happy with my purchase comfortable even for me with my wide feet theyre pretty flexible, light, responsive, good touch, and u feel good wearing them cause they are so flashy overal 9 out of 10

  • Joe

    the mercurial vapor 3 are very nice but the mercurial vapor 4

  • Alex

    Dude the swoosh looks sweet as ima get these when they come out in white these are good as.

    • Toddy24

      When Are They Out?

      • Ganaa

        Well on one pic it said the release date is gona be February/1/08


    great shoee …

  • SAm

    Well they’re sort of nice.
    Even though this shoe is copying Adidas.
    [Adidas has copied Nike in other shoes]
    oh well.

  • tanner and pedro

    veryyy uglyyyyyyyy

  • ryan

    i think that if Nike is going to make a new Vapor they should take it back to the first vapor but remodel it some more.

  • Tyler lane

    Yeah The Nike Mercurial Vapor III and Nike Vapor II were way cooler total copy of the adidas F50

  • ivana

    they are not just ugly, they are AWFUL

  • kyle

    like the design but not the look

  • JC

    honestly… i cud design betta shoes.. n nike onli use d same old colours.. it gets boring.. plus they shud chnge th shape of the boot or add sum mor features..

  • who knows

    they look like the lotto zero gravity boots… at least thats what i think. the 3’s do look a lot lighter though.

  • nick


  • c master

    yea thats the vapor 2s with a lil somethin over it. FAKE

    • biyi

      u thought they were fake. u either feel like an idiot or bought a pair 4 urself cause they are real and their success is unreal!

  • MARK

    i think this shoes r the future shoes bc vapors were always about speed nwo it will b speed and shot!!!!!!!

  • United

    the boots are really nice but i have to say the the swoosh is a bit big and i wonder if they will be heavy…

  • jazz

    the new boot also looks very similar to the new f50+ slip on ‘slimes’.

  • Alex

    As long as these dont have that gay yellow thing in the inside heel they will be fine

  • registar

    they look disgusting, blatantly trying to copy the tunits by covering the laces, definitley sticking 2 the mv3’s this season.

  • george

    does anyone know wen they are cummin out

  • zac

    does anyone know how much they are.

  • baggio

    their pretty awesome ill get some if they come out in indoor


    there ugly and there trying to copy the adidas F-50 by covering the laces id rather stick to the MVIII they have a better look and i dnt like the big nike sign either kills it

  • jacob peterson

    ive all ready got em
    they cost £250
    cos they wer 1 of the first proto type
    although they looked slightly different to tht
    tho i cnt tell
    but i might cheers

  • venustiano

    these boots are really ugly the predator power swerve are waaaaay better

  • jarad

    these are the gayest soccer cleats ever.i would never buy them. if nike comes out with these i might not ever buy nike’s ever again.

  • i like em

    The “Mercurial Vapor IV” will debut in the Black/Vivid Blue colourway on the 1st February 2008. The Talarias in the same colourway and Orange Peel/Dark Obsidian/Metallic Platinum will be released on the same day.

  • bob

    what are the makers of these shoes smoking there realy ugly. im probably just going to stick with the vapors III

  • cory

    vapor 3 is much better boot

  • Adam

    They are definitely not as cool looking as the vapor IIIs. The heel of the older ones were way better looking and they should get rid of the front strap

  • Ben

    these are aweosome, deff. getting these when they come out, what are you talking about heavy? when were vapors ever heavy? good work nike!!!


    The touch on these things is…I suppose, horrible. Go for the improved version of the Puma V1.06, they never rip anymore.

  • Ivan Walcott

    I bet these boots are like 150 pound or summink stupid…not even the real leather ones

  • Robert Poland…

    Something like a Adidas F50…but Vapor III are so much better…

  • Cus

    Wtf? these r not the new vapours they look disgustin!!!!

  • Marc

    I actually think they are a good looking show. I’ve seen the samples and they are lightweight shoe. However as with most Nike Football Boots. They are narrow with a very low instep. Making them impossible and uncomfortable for me to wear.. Sorry too bad….

  • jose

    I think these vapors are really gay or they should at least have different colors

  • ozzy

    I think nike missed up on this design…The nike sign for me
    is totally out of place. They sort of remind me of a cyclops
    haha whatever… Overall the design is sh*tty.

  • Baller

    Man these things are ugly. They look like F-50’s and Nike Lasers put togethor ecspecially with that nike swoosh sign

  • Ben

    Very Very Ugly vapour 3 much better

  • pancho

    ugliest ever work on design just ugly please dont even sell them!!!!! ugly!!!! just ugly!!!!

  • jonah

    They are ugly as hell the vapor lll are way beter looking than that. what they cant come up with something better than that or are they trying to make the cleat just like the gay F-50s.
    come on make something better than hat type of design.

  • Gregg

    Maybe I’m a traditionalist but I hate boots that look like they’re made of plastic. Which means for me that the +F50s, Mercurial Vapors and a raft of other “modern” boots are not an option. I got a pair of T90 Lasers today, principally because I’ve heard positive things from wearers, because they’re light, but also because they look like a pair of football boots and not like a kiddie’s toy. Supple leather that looks like leather, not some plasticky-looking stuff straight out of a German S and M club.

  • fugles

    bring bak vapor 2… they killed it

  • The Nak

    they killed it..bring back Vapour 3 in Blue and Gold

  • Philipp

    mecurial vapor 3 looks much better

  • Marstar

    when are they coming out

  • venustiano

    ugly cleats

  • Brandon

    these cleats i think could be alot better….
    hopefully they will fix the design.. and get better colors
    or else ill just stick to vapor 3

  • Zackk

    These botts are teh perfect boot, there a f-50 look with the vapor weight it s perfectr

  • cody

    these are possible the ugliest boots i’ve ever seen!!! i’m sticking with vapor 3s

  • tgrogs

    a mix of vapor 3’s and f 50’s
    a good idea..i think the final version will look much better and for those of you of you who are saying they will be heavy, nike has already stated that they will not make them any more than nine ounces

  • James

    These cleats are crap compared to the Mercurial Vapors in the past. Do you actually C.Ronaldo would be caught dead in those?
    These cleats are in need of a major makeover.

  • h.T

    Very nice boots, but do someone know how much they cost? and when it’s for sale? think i gonna buy them..

  • Henning

    when are these shoes for sale?? and for how much?

  • Alexander

    They look allright but i think vapors I, II, III are way better than this vapors IV i think you should change the style because is looks like f50 from adidas!

  • Andrew Flores

    please dont come out with this shoe they are ridiculously ugly!!!! all i wear is vapors myself but the nike check is way to big and its like they are trying to copy adidas. CHANGE THEM!!!!

  • Pat

    are these supposed to be laceless? and what is with the colors, i might get em if theyre light, if they com in better colors, and if are at a reasonable price

  • ernesto valdivia

    i think they`re too shiny, but evrything else is cool, i would like yo know how theyre gona be in turf

  • macario

    this vapors are wack they should come up with a better design and colors. try them in green perhaps i have never seen them in that color….

  • cal

    ive got both pairs haaaa

  • blackchiciken #10

    these soccer shoes are da bomb cuz thir lit and still the pretors are still the best



  • Richie

    i agree the nike swoosh is a bit to big and it would be better in different colours it would look good in white and a blue nike swoosh

  • david

    wow this is mint dont no wat 2 say i love dem so cool get them in different coulors wish i had dem lol

  • david

    wow this is mint dont now wat 2 say i love dem so cool get them in different colours the most skill full playes that play football shood get them so nice
    fit and gentle if u want 2 be the next cristiano ronaldo get them he,ll fanx u lol
    be the next
    )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))(CRISTIANO RONALDO)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • popstickle

    i think they are wicked jog on bob

  • Darius

    very cool!!!!!!!!! and` very big price … shet … i don`t have money for them



  • Ross

    Im gettin the new f50s there way better

  • andrew

    hey the nike murcurial vapors are cool ive got the carbon fibre ones and boy there hot

  • dave

    they look pretty good, i guess the weight of them helps them play pretty well too. Just the loss of weight…thinner material? too thin for a defender thats for sure!!! broken toes all round!!

  • ekin

    dem shoez are sik jus lyk ronaldo so das all i’ve got to say

  • cpinho

    theese boots look really nice- thats right!! but in the first times i play them they r like a woodshoe!!

  • zach

    Yo, these cleats are awesome. I have the red and gold ones and they are sweet. the only bad thing is that i have really big feet so i had to get 12s and the top cover to the laces were too loose and aren’t tight. I don’t no how they work yet because I haven’t used them in a game

  • ConnoRAWR

    Cool yeah, but i prefer the Merurial Carbon, much much much better, by far.

  • wmk

    Nike is dropping a White/blue and a Green/white on july 1st save your money for the white ones

  • jamie

    do any of you guy own this boot and if you do, do you find the toe box very bulky. Im saying this because i bought the f50’s and they hurt my feet so i’m looking for a new pair

  • joe

    i have 15 pairsof these boots and they are great

  • jack

    love these boots feel so fast in them

  • michael carr

    hi i know this is a nike website but all i got to say is i love cake

  • az-ny

    i’m just wondering if i can wear a new green mercurial vapor 4…. 😉

    • oscar

      noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

  • Team America

    i hope they bring out the grren vapors out in sizes smaller than 9.5 or ill be so mad i got £200 from ma b’day im willing to spend it on them (all my money)

  • Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The new vapour 5white and blue are wicked they are a must have item they are the best boots ever made really they are. Plus the new t90 lasers are well good sergio ramos wears them,they’re wicked.

  • Wilson

    got the orange boots they r mint woop woop

  • coolguy

    u guys that think these boots are ugly are all asmunchers 😛


  • Cansen

    These r nice boots perhaps not as good looking as the cheaper talaria version which has a smaller tick, if the talaria had a bit more effort into it performance-wise alike these ones i would definitely buy them however because these have had so much time and effort put into them i want these all though they dont look THAT gd

  • andrew

    Look…I am very dissapointed. I am so embaressed to wear these boots now, I am shameful to say they are very bad and very heavy and VERY VERY STIFF. No flex what so ever, the heel weighs heavier then the vapor II’s or III’s. If Nike wants to keep me buying vapors, they better start thinking quick. This design and concept was a disaster and unfortunally for the people who own them, were stuck with a crappy product that has been improved one to many times. I am happy to still keep my VAPOR II’s in good condition and baby those till the bitter end…for now, the Vapor IV’s stay in the shoe bag. I played tonight, I took them off after the 1st half because I was dissapointed that I didn’t feel fast enough. Its a gimmick and I bought into it. I am very hurt by nike…bad boot, and I wish you go back to the fundamental vapor II’s and III’s….the lace cover ads horrible beyond beleif!!! damn…:( I look like a clown with them my friend says, and told me to put the golden boots on instead.

  • nike

    i think you all stupid these are by far the best boots i have ever seen. name one boot u think is better and i bet u it aint. unbeatable are these boots in all aspects – genius designers gona get my self a pair soon! come on Blackburn Rovers!;-)

  • william

    these boots r good yeah.if u think not listen. go the shop get several different boots from different genre boots and test them .put the different boots on your foot and feel which 1 is lighter. if u find it tempting coz u like another boot close ur eyes and test out puma adidas reebox and nike and see what wan feels comfy and light

  • centro diaz

    besides the green,white,orange, red, nd sl ones are there going to be any more nike vapor 4s. big reward for whoever finds these for me. 50 dollars.

  • centro diaz

    any others?

  • antonio

    porfavor pongan los supersonicos

  • Victor

    boots is very good,an crazy,
    hello antonio !
    do you like boots?

  • carlos

    las mejores botas las mercurial si sacan otras que sean otro pepino d ebotas

  • Devin Harris

    I will get these in orange/blue or black/blue. These are great.

    • KiBLO

      no those cleats are weanis

  • JUBBY mcjubjub

    are they wider than the older versions

  • Derek

    These boots are great! They are really versitile, i have both power and accuracy. The only bad thing is that they are not the most comfortable boots. I have blisters on my toes from them.

  • azri you’ll never walk alone

    This boots is bad and ugly(Mercual Vapor)…..
    Adidas is best and good to use.

    • junior

      nike r da best addidas r ok mercurials rule

  • azri you’ll never walk alone

    The boots are very bad and ugly…..Adidas is very best and great to use.

  • jesus geovanni

    estan bien chidos y yo tengo los f50 adidas pero los negros

  • JC

    sick cleats!!!!!!!!!

  • ben

    most uncomfy boots i have ever had… deffo not worth the money

  • david

    real good cleats and i got every one so this are really fast if u control them

  • simo

    guyzz guyzz relax the mercurial vapors now doubt look good but they r plastic predators rip dem!!:)


    Ive got them in purple
    the second pair down thats shown.

    I payed £130 for them.

  • ronaldo

    i got the carbon 1nes n they are well nice and light so the old 1nes aren’t lighter they weight 250 these weight 210

  • c.ronaldo

    dammm man those shoes are sweet

  • Nani

    WOW.mercurial boots are the bomb.its so comfy.i have a pair of Nike Mercurial Junior Veloci FG green[lime] with gray

    • qpskcb

      yeah go portugal

  • rico

    nice football boots i have a pair in white and blue :)

  • Rinn

    Yhu guys amuse me.. You all care more about the look of the boots more then how they feel or wht they do to improve the way yhu play… Pretty stupid if yhu ask me. Yhu all sound like girls going shopping. Lame.

  • mike

    do you have ronaldos new boots

  • G is G

    These boots r soo sickk. i am so getting them.. they r the best boots ever invented. all the people that said that these boots and crap are all losers and have no taste for soccer boots.

  • G is G

    these boots are the sickest boots ever. i am so getting them

  • serkan09

    ı lıke the vapor 5

  • curtis neal

    i got the vapors. really good boots, good protection and it felt like i had nothing on my feet. but they split. now im getting adinovas. but the vapor 5’s (superfly’s) look well nice. especially the blue ones, silver ones, and black ones. they look really nice.

  • mutahar

    i hav these orange one and gonna buy f50.9 soon

  • Rob Kelly

    I have to say vapors are a very nice looking boots but I would not purchase them as I think they are as safe as not wearing boots.

  • junior

    mercurials are lovely day r sick

  • brandon

    ttttttthhhere are bere nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Mac

    I had the f50s in yellow cuz I adore the bright colors. Once nike came out with hese babys in lime I had to buy a pair. I LOVE them and they look better in person. I feel super fast and due to the lace cover control is better along with ur strike!

    • kyle

      nahh adidas preditor all the way can shoot good and contros is brill i play football for a team and i had some nike and they wernt very good so i got rid and i got some preditors

  • Matthew

    What player wheres Nike total 90 shoot red white and mettalic?
    cos i am having trouble finding out who does and i dont want to be the only player on the planet who wheres these boots

  • kyle

    ha never you r avin a laugh they stink like cats wee after a season of football but they are nice football boots though all the way adidas predators getting some this week end :) B)

    but they dont smell if you pay £80-£100 any way adidas are the best !!!

  • KiBLO

    These cleats are ok for about a season then ‘they suck’ buy new ones every season!!!!!!! cause in the season they are amazing

    vapor IV’s are a lot!!!!! better that the V’s

  • Luke

    these vapors give you bad blisters.



  • bob

    a hate these boots there soo dear and there not light

  • MuhammaDB93

    The picture of the boots isn’t Vapors, they are Steams.

  • jefry

    nike saya minta satu, saya ingin punya mercuri vapor sg gren .penggemar nike

  • lethal

    I was reading through all the comments back in 2007. Funny how it changed? Perhaps the IV’s just ‘grew’ on us. People hated the new boat, now it’s “SOO SICK!” Personally i liked the IV *except for the part where you get blisters..*

  • cabron

    i dont know why people is sayin this is the best cleats
    its just a tool it will not make you run faster and will not make you do tricks like cr
    same thing with F50 same story
    even messi dont like to use them u know why ?cuz its a bullshit he prefer to wear the f30 ..people who got this cleats think they sweet

    plastic cleats hahahahahaha
    prefer a classic adidas

  • chio

    with vapor 4 I had 10 goals in one tournament here in davao

  • J taraldo

    Hye all u poseres these boots arenot at all a copy. im getting my first pair of these today they look like the orange ones at the top of the page. those are the ones im getting.

  • ian hoffmann

    i have these i have the blue/black cleats i got them the first day they are so comfortable they rock there by backup cleats but still i were them whenever i paractice nice idea nike!!

  • ian hoffmann

    these rock best cleats ever

  • JAMO


  • ochoa

    Nike vapors r da bomb. Anyone who doesn’t think so is wak

  • lee

    the boots are mint !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    i got those orange ones theyre some of the best boots i have ever had i also got the new ones but i still like the vapors iv better

  • jake

    ive had every pear of of these boots there sick

  • jake

    there sick man dem

  • doni


    • Amy Mitchell

      really the fastest soccer shoes!!

  • frank smith

    ive got the new nike superfly they are so light on your feet but realy exspensive but i think there mad

  • Akim

    They are giving me blisters!! but thats the only problem, anyone have an idea what i could do??

  • luis henrique

    a nova mercurial vapor Ă© uma chuteira muito boa pra poder bater na bola, ela da uma energia na pessoa pra bater na bola

  • ben

    i had these then i got the new T90s, the mercurials are better formy style of play and i want them back. Anyone know where i can get plain white mercurials from?

  • binsaif


  • mercurialkid

    i got the new mercurial victorys they **** all over addidas


    where do you get these mercrial iv vapours from

  • binladed

    I dont get it, the mercurial vapour iv had so many amazing colourways that actually looked good, but now with the newer ones, nike has completely ruined it and made the newer boots look ugly. I would buy the new mercurial vapours but the colour is just disgusting. I like the purple on them but the different colour on the side makes it look horrible!


    does anyone know where i could purchase the orange peel vapor IV? if so please respond. Thank you

    • Jp-cammy

      Sports Direct

  • christian

    If anybody is selling the orange vapors I’ll buy them reply if u have them!

  • jc

    i like the red and gold better bitch were do they sell it

  • jc

    how can i order some yellow mercurial vapors?

  • jc

    i want all of the vapors

  • stelios

    the vapors cost about 200 to 300$!!!

  • stelios

    i saw a kid with the vapors.

  • stelios

    why do you want the vapors so bad?

    • bob123

      Beacuase they are amazing

  • Denis

    Подарите мне такие бутсы ))))!

  • laudaap

    you motherfuckers..why at alll do u post comments …who in hell wud want to read what u think!!!!!..get a life and fuck off…bastards!!

  • Laudaapsucks

    laudaap get alife u piece of shit

  • Wesley Sp Monteiro

    essas chuteira sĂŁo d+

  • Wesley Sp Monteiro

    essas chuteira sĂŁo d+

  • Peterbuckley859

    terrible shop

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  • designerhandbagsoutlet

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  • Daraghkenny

    where can i get the vapors from euro 2008 ?????????????????

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  • Ahammand

    i have 7 pairs of vapors

  • evan

    so i found a pair of pine green vapor iv’s at a shop and bought them then the shop closed a week later, the bottom plastic part that wraps around the heel in the pictures is coming off on each shoe after a week, would nike give me a refund or what can i do


  • Alex

    Where can i get this email me plz @

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