From the streets of Rosario, Argentina to the world stage at the Camp Nou, Messi has always demonstrated his own unique style playing with flair and skill. Now Adidas have recognised this with a signature football boot for the Argentine wizard – the Messi F50.9.

messi f50.9

The Messi F50.9'  features Lionel Messi’s signature on the football boot upper in this Night Sky/White colourway.

leo messi f50.9

As with all the f50.9 football boot range, the Messi F50.9 allows you to customise'  your football boots to suit the game, surface, or your mood.

A modular football boot, the Adidas F50 TUNIT lets you change the upper, the sockliner, the chassis and the studs, so you can have your football boots just how you like them!

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  • Kylius

    Interesting! The colourway and everything is nice enough, it’s just I thought Messi always wore the F30’s as he doesn’t like all the replaceable components?

    • josuem22

      no he wears f40’s a mix from f30 and f50 the f40 have the boot from f30 but it hass the studs like the f50 so they are called f40

  • CathairbhoyCFC

    eu! i hate this colourway and i hate f50.9s. I just got a new pair of f50.8s even tho I had the choice of the 2.

  • Quaresma

    Messi didn’t wear F30’s, he had the F50’s customized so they would have the different sole plate. It’s a common misconception.

    • andrew

      or is it a miscommon conception???????

  • steve

    well i think that they are a lovely boot but i know that the nike mercial 4s are for me

    • ross

      Hot Hot Hot, these boots are real cool. Love the Silver.

  • arsenal


  • Fraser

    I have these boots.

    They better than mercurial vapour 4/5s by ages . all the people that wear mercurial vapours are posers.

  • iffy


  • saiful hadi

    I have been wearing previous F50 tunit series. It is absolutely fit me.
    Expecting to collect f50.9.
    Much better than any other series.

  • y_s

    verrrrry nice shoes

  • razzattack

    the best boots in the world there amazing for speed touch and durability mercurials are plain with a tick on thats all f50.9s are for me

  • leo messi NO.1

    LEO MESSI IS GOD!!!!! these boots are amazing becuz messi likes them :) i am in love with messi , nobody is anywer near as good as him! best player to walk the planet!

  • juan carlos

    soy el bolas y esos tacos los voy a tener amo a messi y al konan

  • EMre Tuncay

    messi çok güzel oynuyor This very good

  • sadan khatri

    this boot is very hot & cool. i like messi. he is a good footballer.
    good player wear good boot.

  • adem kaba

    I like messsi.he is good at football.I want to dial messi

  • eben lamptey

    how much do they cost

  • marcos henrique elias

    f50 e de + pois o messi e tudo

  • yousif

    want it :( but NO money :(((((((((((
    i am a good player but poor ,,but its ok :'(

    • Jeremy

      Whats the best site to get these boots?

  • Johnny

    Footy boots. I would like to buy a pair of these boots. But can you please help me concerning the quality as it is on sale.

  • Victor Garcia

    ohh. estos tacos estan de lujo jajaja
    los F50.9………..

  • Robert Solano

    Son geniales vale la pena comprarlos yo ya los tengo!!!! =)

  • shazaib

    i love all the shoese

  • liam

    they are nice i want them

    • Jeremy

      Whats the best site to get them?

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