Along with the Nike Mercurial Vapor V, one of the most eagerly awaited football boots of 2009 was the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly.


Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly

The incorporated Flywire technology is based on a sprint spike concept which caused huge interest when it was introduced in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Already creating quite a buzz in the industry with its revolutionary lightweight construction, the Flywire design is said to be inspired by the cables from a suspension bridge. It basically makes use of a strong Vectran thread arranged in a fan-shaped pattern at anchor points around the shoe.

At the time of the track shoe launch, creator Jay Meschter said:

grafite Flywire gets to that elusive thing of the plate just attaching to the bottom of the foot and forgetting about the shoe. It also gets Nike one step closer to achieving one of Bill Bowerman’s goals.

When he was a coach, he said the ideal track spike would be a nail through the foot. Now, with Flywire, it’s not quite as extreme as a nail, but it’s as close as anyone has gotten to applying a spike plate directly to feet.

From that description, it’s not hard to see why Nike football boot designers have been keen to integrate the new technology in their line of work.

As for their on pitch debut, Cristiano Ronaldo used them in Manchester United’s Uefa Champions League second leg match against Inter Milan at Old Trafford on 11th March. He was up against Zlatan Ibrahimovic who also debuted the football boot.

Tech Spec.

Vapor Superfly

The original colourway, worn on the field, but not released for retail.

The Mercurial Superfly incorporates Nike Flywire, a strong, light fibre inspired by the high tensile cables that hold together suspension bridges.’  The flywire technology is used in the medial section of the boot like the Vapor V. Unlike the Vapor V, the Superfly also uses flywire in the encased heel.

The outsole features some differences to the Vapor V also. For instance the drilled through lightweight studs, a performance stud on the front of the outsole and theoutole is made from carbon.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly Vital Statistics

Weight: 185g

Cost: £224.99

Colourway: Launching in the Superfly Black Voltage Yellow

Players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Franck Ribery, Theo Walcott, Dani Alves, Andrey Arshavin.

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  • Messi 2

    Ive seen these and they look like crap they are going to retail for Approx. $420. they look similar to the IV but worse. they are lighter and have a carbon fibre plate on the bottom of the boot. DONT SPEND THE MONEY!

    • maher doumani

      where did u see them?

    • robson souza

      Ah, im not good at speaking english, nike going too make diffrent colors

    • tony

      yeah messi2 your definetly wrong 314$ isnt 420 and they are amazing

  • cr7wonka

    i think the superflys are just beast.cant wait to get a pair.

  • dominic

    so in this video they are essentially saying that you are putting a rubber glove on your foot

  • byron

    how much are they gonna be in pounds.THEY LOOK SICK I AM DEFINATLY GONNA GET SOME

  • tim

    all it takes is gonna be 1 tackle and u wont play football the rest of ur life…man there is lik totally no protection for this boot

  • maca

    can u tell me where u can see a picture of these boots.because i was thinking of buying them,i would be greatful for any pics

  • Mike

    hello i have a picture of this boot in the attached link and these boots are going for 350$ Retail


  • messi 2

    ive got the V1.08’s and they have absoluteley no protection, the point of flywire is strong to protect and light for speed.

  • messi 2

    O and i saw pics in a magazine wen i went on a trip to beijing during the olympics

  • RhNONIhP

    i just saw the superflys

  • Kylius

    It’s an interesting prospect, I mean when you consider that top footballers are in the gym every day and have legs like tree trunks, does having a new pair of boots that only weigh 0.6g less than a model which offers better protection for your foot seem worth it?

    I really hope these boots have the ‘wow’ factor for me, like I try them on and go ‘wow, this is a serious development in boot technology’, or I fear they might just become a gimmick.

  • Workout Planet

    The black and yellow are insane, they look mean, I would love to get my feet in a pair of those Mercurial Superply, but if the prices are official it will be long before I can buy a pair. :(

  • kevin

    The shoes offer protection, lightness, and a comfortable fit. The silver ones are for me so if thts the officiial price I got them. It sucks how the MV 5 and the superfly are coming out the same time. I can only get one..

  • Fenboy

    Much prefer the look of these to the MV 5.

    Price might be an issue though!

  • Roman

    They look amazing, and they follow exactly what the Mercurial line has always strove for: Lightweight, speed, flash. I dont see why people have such a big problem with them. Yeah they are expensive but soccer shoes are always expensive.

  • martinccillo

    the are ugly, i wish he mercurial vapor V look better

  • ry09

    why are boots getting so expensive now they only last 5 min and its only a matter of time befo there are a new and better pair out.

    these boots are ok but you need protection on your feet but that just mite be because im a defender it would kill like if you got stud on with these boots on.

    i think atm the best boots out atm are the total 90 lasers by far for protection comfert and looks.

  • Anonymous

    Pro’s Boot must be diffent from the production boot.

    Maybe drogba, ribery, … request nike to custom made vapor superfly without flyWire tech.

  • Mercurial vapor superfly HATER

    This boots are hiddious and its all a bunch of fancy words my uncle is a director of football boots at Nike over in America and he has seen the prototype and that really its much like the previous MV’s except that you don’t get that cushioned volley or shot anymore because of the exposed laces and that it is not worth paying $420 when you can get Mercurial Vapor 4 SL for much cheaper, more variety of real gud lookin colours and of course much more better lookin than the horrible MV Superflies!!!!

  • ptldFoOTy

    Thank goodness I test for nike and get them for free hahahaha

    • Joe

      boasting about things that we know are not true just has ‘DESPIRATE’ written all over it

  • Abdul Manaf

    Nike Vapor make my foots hurt, but I dont have another choice as Vapor is most eye catching footwear. Its beatifull look on the picth.

  • scott

    i think i saw these in the superbowl ? r they out in america yet ?

  • Adam

    If they’re gonna retail at $420 then i think i’ll just be sticking to the regular Mercurial vapor v’s, they seem really similar to the IV’s though….:(

  • cr7wonka

    these are pretty good but they are alot of money . i wish they were cheaper but they are better wit the flywire tech. i like them sooo far.

  • soul

    i like the silver (is it silver??) red ones, they look amazing…they glitter very cool 😀

    i think i’ll buy them and put them into a glass showcase and put them in my room.
    they are way to awesome to wear them xD
    in addition to this, I preffere the superfly, the V’s look boring

  • Mancunian

    Those superfly boots in silver are sweeeeeet.
    I’m gonna get a pair of those!

  • CP1

    Ugly – i’ll keep to my IV Berry’s thanks :)

    • DJCrossfade

      aw yur so lucky to have thoes shoes, ive been looking for them in Size 10.5 US and cant find any :(
      their amazing 😀

  • Cristiano92

    Im deffinatly buying these even though there expensive because they’re the closest to the old vapor III. the vapor 4’s were crap and alot of players stopped wearing vapors wen the 4’s came out. These should bring all of the players bak to vapors.

  • Cristiano92

    O and iv got a request for could you get some of the specs for these boots, thx

  • jjau

    i bought 6 pairs of these from the
    nikes factory. crappy shoes i must say. i could sell them. who wants them? 5$ a pair.

    • adam

      what size

    • mike

      what size do you have them in ?

    • geo

      what size do u have them and ill pay u 10.00$

    • annie

      I want them!!!!!!

    • annie

      I would pay 150-200 dollar, sizes?

    • annie

      I could pay 150-200 dollars, What sizes?

  • me
  • Sion

    Hey me, great spot!

    They look the business there….

  • Manchester’sisonTop!

    You guys are missing the point for football boots.If you are a winger or striker you should of course wear the Mercurial Vapor IV or V Superfly, your preference, and if your a defender you can wear whatever boot you like. Also the T90 boots are good as well but in the end it matter how your style of playing football is. Also you shouldn’t care about the color with football boots because your not trying to show how good your boots look but how good your skill is. Anyway in the end football is all about skill and how fast you are and the Mercurial Vapors improve speed.

    • ronaljimbo

      mate, ur right about who needs certain boots but if you are going to get amazing cleats like these or any cleats why wouldn’t you care what color your boots are? even though your skill speaks louder.

  • jack

    they need to make the vapor III’s again!!! those are the best vapors ever!

    • eagles soccer

      agreed the IIIs were sick…if the superflys are as nice as they are hyped up to be im gonna convice my coach to get nike to send us some (they sponsor us)

      • lucas

        so bloody what if they sponsor you
        this forum is full of showoffs
        makes me sick
        would love to get some of you lot on the pitch
        show you how we get down in london mate

        • n1704

          haha hero!

  • ernesto

    wow! theyre amazing, just watching them you realiza that they are the lightest boot ever and the design is great.

  • sheldon

    how light are they???

    • Phlex

      185 grams

      the lightest boost are
      the puma Ferrari V1.8, but they are just for speed..

      the superfly’s offer speed, comfort and looks.. i’d go for the platinum/red ones 😀

  • Liam from Nova Scotia

    these are sick! i cant wait to get them. its a toss up between the black and yellow or the white/silver/red..
    ive had quite a few pairs of shoes, including the vapor IVs in orange and the newest blue color with the yellow check, gold and blue supremacys(the special italy world cup edition ones that there was only 250 made) and a pair of reebok shoes that arent actually coming out because thiery henry refused to wear them 😛 they are all silver with a pink heel. quite nice i have to say.

  • aznmex21

    so these are the upgraded versions of the vapor v’s right? they look sick, but if they’re going to be around the $400 range, i’m probably going to stick with the vapor v. if i had to choose a color, i’d get the white/silver/red. i’m not particularly fond of the silver stripe on the red ones and i just dont like the black ones. can’t wait to see how much the official prices are going to be in the us. but then again, the talaria pair of vapor v, if they make those, would practically be similar to the superflys. just not as expensive and different material.

  • Ryan Youngs

    I love theese boost my nan bought them for me and i lick them every night

    • Sion

      This sounds rather far fetched Ryan….. The football boots aren’t even out yet.

  • NextRonaldo

    I really want to try these and maybe buy them , if they fit.
    But how much do they cost ?
    And when does it get in store ?

  • Mazze

    These look so amazing! very similar top the old vapor 3. I hope they will be avaible on nikeid.

  • tony

    Actually the conversion from 244 euro’s to usd is 281.68 soo i dont think they are going to go for 400 usd but they probably are gunna go for around 300 and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, these look amazing i am getting a pair they also look very comfy, and if you want to do the conversion to see for yourself the site is if you dont believe me.

  • ilboudo

    je voulais savoir la date de sortie de la vapor 5 et le prix

  • Ali

    I’ve just bought a pair of the superfly’s. Will tell you about them when I try them out.

  • Bazza

    Does anyone have any information on when the other colourways will be released, mainly the white/silver boot shown at top of page????

    • SpeedyJon

      Does anyone know the answer to this??

      Will have to decide if the White/silver ones are worth waiting for.



  • Adler

    wow, very nice one :-) i´ve seen them in frankfurt, leony leonard kweuke is the name of the player. they call him “elephant” !

  • SpeedyJon

    I really like the White/silver/Red ones, does anyone know when these will be available?

  • aidanross

    ali where did you get them

  • OB

    these boots have been recalled by nike as there was manufacturing issues with them

  • PurpleMV_wearer

    Hahaha, all it takes is one good tackle with any boot your wearing. Get them for because you feel you deserve them. If you feel like you don’t. Snivell and whine like the rest. Can’t wait till the All Black/Yellow Swoosh come out. Ooooh yeah.

  • digs and doo

    the superfly is horrible and they need to work on making a better version of the mercurial sl and vapor iv the old vapors and sl were way better looking and they were cheaper

  • Joxli

    These need a lace cover then they would rule thats the only let down otherwise best boots ever
    flywire technology is designed to make the boot strong and light so stop saying that the boots will fall apart after one tackle – saw these at mk dons, jason puncheon was wearing them great boots end of.

  • g101

    when are the black ones out, please tell me right answer
    hopefully before september


  • loves superflys


  • Vapor_Kiing.X

    These Boots are lush but they had to be recalled cuz they were falling apart after one tackle but they are sickkk 😛 Rip off price tho but in kids they’re a decent price i got 3 pairs i for mess about one for training and one for match because i play for man city youth 😀

  • Mark

    can someone tell me wherre i can buy the black and yellow ones please it would help alot :)

  • aleman10

    when are the silver and red going to be out for sell???

  • manufan7

    alot of people say they dont like the superfly.

    can anyone tell me if the vapor v are good? i am wearing the vapor IV talarias and i wanna get some new shoes.

  • tom

    i have played only in vapors all my life and i can tell u after playing in the new vaopr v, they are nice but are not a great improvement on the vapor IV’s i think if u want some new boots buy another pair of vapor IV’s but get the real ones not the talarias because i have some of them too and they are crap compared to the real top vapor sl. the new vapors are more money for basically the same boot.

  • josh

    hi i know the superflys release has been put back but can anyone tell me how i can get hold of some now.

  • enrique figueroa

    these shoes are sick i currently are playing with them but like every vapor it hurts when you get stepped on i hella reccomend these shoes guys i dont konw what all the other people have been telling you

  • Zach

    Lime Green Please

  • g101

    pink ones!

  • Manchester_United24

    A Messi2 ur so wrong man for wat ive seen there the best boots out in the world right now

  • scott

    how much do they cost?

  • SuperFlyFan

    they’re simply GREAT! and i found somewhere a pair of ’em at about 150$ it’s amazing!

  • asharali

    are these shoes available for sale anywhere or no because every website for some odd reason has removed them from the list

  • Jed

    Asharali, like it says in the article, the superfly has been delayed in sale. Says above due next season.

  • Superfly is amazing

    The New Superfly is simply amazing .. With you have the perfect run of ur life .. When you stepp on the turf you think that your not wearing anything as u don’t even feel them. You have an amazing shot, an amazing run and amazing protection from any tackle. The only bad thing is that with some of the Superfly’s they break easily because of alot of pressure. Sensibly after seeing this happening to a friend I bought different types of studs and they’re amazing so that’s what you should do. Bye tc

  • Simon

    Realy liked the silver one’s 😀

  • jonathas cuesta

    es lo mejor que hay para jugar mejor al futbol… gracias nike

  • couly

    can anyone tell me why they are breaking so easy

  • Jan Raeymaekers


    yesterday, i called my local dealership and they told me that the boot will not be able for us. Players as Ronaldo and Drogba will still be playing with this boot, but anyway, the dealership told me that the studs are breaking to fast, and that they have not a ‘license’ to be able for public. Nike let them know that.
    But in july, the superfly will come out in another colour and then it will be a succes, i guess.


    • saxon

      my best friend them

  • zezin



  • cristian

    if you kids are whining about the shoe not having protection you shouldnt even be playing football…

  • alex lorenzo

    cleates are recalled…The date for sale is unpredicted :(

  • Me

    were I can by them?

  • LOL


  • Farbz

    does any one know when the Superflys are goin to be re-released???

  • Mark

    I bought a pair of Superflys recently I wore them literally 5 times once in a game during the game the bottom came off. Other than that they were the most comfortable pair of boots i have ever worn!!! Cost me 350 euro!!!

  • dr19

    they are nicest shoes i ever gotten in my life except f150 white and blue

  • stan

    so amazing and perfect the mercurial vapor v.. i need to use this boot for match and make a collection. if u give me a low prize, i will buy 10 pieces of this boot.

  • Brandon Carroll

    I want to buy these boots but i can not find them anywhere. I live in Canada so maybe that has something to do with it but i doubt it because i have purchased and loved both the III and IV’s. Would u beable to tell me why? And maybe how much you guys sell them for if you do?

  • tdutt

    Why are the Vapor V on another website in silver as the main color for the white/silver/red cleat. The above picture has white as the main color which i like much better?

  • g-duud

    man i just saw the vapors superflys yesterday n MANNN they were so SICK im gona buy them next week cuz they r so kool

  • lucas ‘lennon’ williams

    wouldnt bother, unless you have money to waste, within a couple of days youl be online looking for some vapor 3s (by far the best boot and yes i have tried every vapor before you ask)
    if you want some carbon boots that actually work try the vapor 4 sl’s or puma v1 08

  • uriiell

    el mejo9r eesss messiii

  • booooooiiiiiiii

    it is said the superfly gets realese at 1.8…
    how could you have tried them on?
    are we talking about the vapor or superfly?
    i wanna try these boots

  • Crysis423

    Where can i buy them???

  • Galaticos

    where can i buy Nike Vapor SuperFly….please help me…

  • lucas

    hola soy de argentina
    mardelplaya me encantan los botines mercurial

  • carlos

    dejenme decirle una cosa esos zapatos son lo maximo aunque no se puede decir xq la adidas tiene un prototipo que son los adidas f70 y no se puede decir que ninguno es mejor que el otro

  • Jimmy Sherpes

    Man these boots are so cool
    But I heard they tear apart quickly… Thats what I heard.
    The problem is that its hard to know which are iv, v, and vi

  • josh

    theres no Vi??
    these ones look completely different to the Vapor V

  • Cleimar

    you delivery to Brazil?

  • josh

    omgeeee these boots are so comfy!
    and they are really strong as well like it doesn’t hurt any more than any other boot if someone tags you on the foot…and the control is brilliant and they hardly weigh anything. And to all those people who say they dont make you faster…they do weather its pshycological or not they sure do. And i have only got one blister which healed in like a day when i played my first game.
    they are a great boot and for anyone who is willing to pay the money they are definitely a boot worth looking at. i highly recommend them and i have had no problem with them so far.
    The tags are sweet too =]

    In my opinion nike have really outdone themselves with this boot and the people who say that Adidas f50.9s, adipures, predators or puma V1.08s are better…should try the boot out first before they start bagging it out just because its different to other boots..


  • Noerens

    Adipure, real shoes!

  • pepeflautas

    m cago en tu puta madre k es una warra stas botas uelen mas k el xoxo de tu madre

  • daniel

    hi, im looking at purchasing these boots but want to know how long they’ll last playing aussie rules footy.


  • haha

    Ha ha, I’ll get these pair of shoes for only 300$ from the store. Love these shoes!

  • ahmad

    it is wonderful!and thanks 2 nike 4 making such a confortable boot.

  • Gerry The Great


    Does anyone know what exact boots C.Ronaldo is currently wearing?

    and I am also woundering if it is better to get the Vapor Superflys or the other new Vapors.

  • sahil singh

    i want superfly nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GiuLio

    come siete sexy

  • Luan

    ela é muito linda !1

  • Ree-Star

    the best shoes are nike vapor carbon superfly ,nike vapor sl,f50i,f50 tunit,these are the best shoes ever nobody can say that these shoes are boring

    • Fernandesdesmond233

      i can say their r boring

  • charles

    quero comprar uma nike mercurial superfly mas moro no brasil como eu faço?

  • Victor Ronzon

    Im a mexican and i was wondering if i could get some but i am broke because i spent all my money on food.

  • borja

    las mercuriales son las mejores botas de callee.son ligeras le das al balon mil veses mejor k cualkier otro tipo de botas ahh y sobre todo las yeva el mejor jugador del mundo CRISTIANO RONALDO

  • jan

    Super fly rocks.but for comfort puma is the best.

  • beto

    tienen que ponerle porque la adidas esta buena

  • anonym

    Is it possible to buy this boot any where? I hace search for a ling time but i cant find ir any more

  • jo


  • WazzaRoon808

    They make people look like a ponce

  • Mrafcfan

    best boots ever

  • nike superfly vapor 1000

    bosal essa chuteiras vo ter uma 1 dia te amor nike e adidas >>>….

  • nisov piya

    it is tooooooooooooooooooo! expensive but for christiano ronaldo money is nothing for me he is best and always be the best than messi

  • Mercurialfield these have many new style ,good quality and reasonable price

  • Mercurialfield these have many new style ,good quality and reasonable price

  • Mercurialfield these have many new style ,good quality and reasonable price

  • Wishall Thode

    nike superfly suck


  • Ruddin Sulung

    its comfortable, prefect and very good boot brand…

  • Delsaber8

    These boots look nice. I even want a pair in 2012. I have to say the max orange is the best color. Hey If anyone has a pair in any color in size 8 US message me.

  • footymad

    does any one know where to get these boots today?

  • Aran

    they are good boots

  • Ben

    they are not so good but the botom is just so good. but i don`t like the lether

  • Aran

    i want to know how much they are i love the boots they are so good that i wish they were free

  • Asfoiasf


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