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Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi debuted a new football boot in the Super Cup final.

new messi f50i

Messi and his football boot sponsor adidas teamed up and designed a special F50i colourway as a tribute to Lionel Messi’s home country Argentina.

Lionel Messi F50i

Messi used the new football boot for the first time on Friday, August 28th, when Champions League winner FC Barcelona beat UEFA Cup holders Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 in extra time, landing the European Super Cup.

On September 5th, when the Argentinian national team plays a hugely important game against Brazil in Messi’s hometown Rosario, Lionel Messi will show the football boots for the first time in Argentina.

The colours of the Argentinean national flag (gold, white and sky blue) can be found on the dark blue football boots, together with the sun emblem which is placed in the centre of the national flag.

After David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer and Uwe Seeler, Lionel Messi is only the fourth player to receive a personal adidas football boot.

Lionel Messi F50i

Lionel Messi:

f50i messi'  I’m honoured that adidas came up with these boots. The design and colours reflect the love I feel for my country and my team. The game in Rosario is crucial for us and I hope these boots will help me score goals against Brazil!.

Argentinian Martin Tibabuzo, football designer at adidas, designed the football boot with pride:

f50i messi'  Designing an adidas boot for Messi is really the highlight of my career. Integrating the national colours and symbols like the sun was not work but a dream come true and I’m very excited with the result. Watching the game Argentina versus Brazil will now be even more special for me.

The new F50i Messi football boot will soon be available worldwide. The F50i will then be available in a total of four colourways (white, black, cyan and the dark blue Messi colourway).

f50i ad unit

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  • adam mclovin

    nice boots

  • Jack

    he doesnt need these, only one compeditive match ago he was debuting the normal f50i

  • james sim

    i like them, but preadators ma boots, i like the argentina thing goin on

  • casey

    surely it can’t be those boots as Emiliano Bonazzoli from the Serie B match up between Reggina and AC Cesena were already seen wearing them…

  • MGR

    “After David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer and Uwe Seeler, Lionel Messi is only the fourth player to receive a personal adidas football boot.”
    Did Zidane not recieve a one off pair of Predators for the 06 World Cup?

    • Saj

      Yes he did..

      the gold ones..

  • Theo

    maybe a bit too sophisticated? obviously it’s designed specificly for messi but the logo seems too much? no? I think they could have done something simple like Beck’s logo or perhaps Ronaldinho R10 signature

  • SkilletBoi

    i wish there were a version of these without the argentina badge, if so then i would buy them

  • kevin

    The boots are nice. Not the best, but nice.

    Can’t wait to try these in red and white.=)

  • Theo

    Zizou never had his own “logo”… just personalized gold coloured kangaroo predators-

  • Splinter09

    Nice boot, great player, but sorry Messi, you scoring against Brazil just ain’t gonna happen.

  • martincillo

    i agree with Theo, only different color predator.

  • n1704

    dont like the tbh

  • cr7wonka

    thats coool

  • Lovell Soccer

    Always a bit weird with messi as he never actually wears the F50, but a special make up with F50 upper and a bladed sole , like the F30 as he dont like studded boots!
    Good colourway anyway.

  • abba kyari

    messi world number one player
    and world best soccer boot
    i love f50i alot

  • Victor deserve moreeeeeeee.u are too much.meciless messi.messi till i die.barca 4 life.

  • Timm

    i got a pair of these, they cost me 125 pounds, they are some of the best boots i’ve ever seen, they gorgeous, but i out them on, yeah they we’re comfortable, but F50s are supposed to be ADIDAS’s version of vapors, they’re supposed to be light, them i used them for university acadmeny training about 4 times and both stud plate broke in the same place, for being the best of the best, they’re disappointing, 250 pounds of looks, nothing more

  • genti

    lionel messi eshte nje lojtare shume i madh dhe ka kepucet me te mira ne bote firma adidas bravo messssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiii

  • mirsada

    lionel messi sa i fote je pasha zotin me ate piken edhe me ate ibrhimohiq.lionel messi sheno gola dhe fitoji kepucet e arta.

  • sergej

    najbolje kopacki!!!