• Reebok Football Boots

Reebok Football Boots

Currently on a break from making football boots, in their heyday Reebok were a force to be reckoned with.

Having once boasted endorsers on the level of Giggs, Henry, Shevchenko and Casillas, the humble Bolton-based brand have a history of some truly innovative football boots.

From the hidden lacing system of the Pro Rage, to the bonkers put-them-in-the-oven fitting system of the Instante Pro II, Reebok were never short of ideas that moulded and pushed the market in interesting new directions.

Nowadays, Ryan Giggs is the only man to still be wearing their football boots – the RG800 that is named in his honour – but that’s no reason you can’t look back at the glorious collection of Reebok football boots and ads we have in our archives. Check them out, below!



Instante Pro

To be debuted by two Champions League final players, another football boot being introduced. The Reebok Instante. Get the lowdown and see the Champions League viral video.