Patrick Football Boots

Patrick, originated in France in 1892 by Patrick Benetau. It was originally known as Patrice, but was' re-branded' in the 1940’s to Patrick.

It was' particularly' popular and probably best known during the 1970’s and 1980’s when the likes of Michel Platini, Kevin Keegan, Jean Pierre Papin and Michael Laudrup wore the classic two striped black football boots.

Way back in the 1930’s Patrick footwear was manufactured with both the well known 2 stripes but also 3 stripes, ahead of adidas using the stripes. The stripes were initially added as technical considerations, used to strengthen the footwear in the front and back in order to avoid distortion in the shoe’s shape.

As design improved and the need for support via the stripes reduced, Patrick adopted the two stripes more often, which is how you see their football boots today.