David Beckham’s Gold Adidas Predator PowerSwerve Football Boots

Beckhams Gold Boots

So Beck’s was granted his 100th cap and as you would expect from the King of Bling when it comes to football boots, he strutted, well he cantered in a nice sparkling pair of Gold football boots, courtesy of Adidas.

Beckham Gold BootsBefore the game, ardent football boot watchers may have felt deflated, Beckham was warming up at the Stade de France in white PowerSwerve football boots with gold trim – his run of the mill football boots from the DB collection.

But cometh the hour, cometh the photo opportunity!

Beckham certainly didn’t let us down, coming out for the match sporting an embroidered shirt with 100th cap on the chest and yes, sporting a pristine pair of Gold Boots. Golden boots for GoldenBalls.

Having checked with the Footy Boots head boot geek, we can confirm that Beckham’s Gold Boots are no different to his normal Predator PowerSwerves, that is of course apart from the colour. Adidas have made just two pairs of Beckham’s Gold Boots, with 100th cap embroidered on the tongue to commemorate his achievement.

Like Zidane’s football boots in the 2006 World Cup, Beckham’s Gold football boots will not be made available for sale by Adidas.

Beckham gold 100 cap boots

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  • keats

    HAHAHA these are the EXACT type of boots that Nomis makes fun of with its DAMN BOOTS spot (see Footy Boots video section)
    Click your heels and you will end up in OZ.

  • Mick

    Uglyyy =|
    White ones Ur Nice

  • Bob

    I like them
    Does anyone know where I could buy a pear of the gold ones

    • emily

      selling all sizes 100 pound

      • biala

        emily are they exactly same as the ones backs ahs got on or are they different??

  • Ben

    Are you kidding? read the article.

  • tamam

    it is avery nice boots ilove it so much

  • mac

    i h8 it that adidas wont sell them wot a bunch of retards

  • xabi c

    i think they shud come on sale as there well niceeee

  • Jay


    • Bmart

      lol learn to speak english

      nice boots would wear em for sure

  • Lucas

    I know the also says otherwise, but these gold beckham ed. are now available on soccer dotcom for preorder…FYI…

  • jazzy

    iv got the white ones the gold ones u can get on ebay type in adidas predator gold iv just ordered a pari:D

  • glenn

    on ebay :)

  • antonio

    what are the white sock looking things they were right above their boots haha im curious

  • Finlay

    Ive got the white ones, they’re great. gettn the gold ones soon :)

  • stel

    i’ve got the gold ones!!! who is gonna buy them first???
    if anyone interest for them…. (send me an email)

  • martinccillo

    and the power swerve zone get hidden.

  • biala

    emily how shud i gt in touch with you??

  • brsds

    barcelona o bekam

  • David

    How do I get my hands on a pair of these? I have the white ones and I love them. Its time for a new pair and I want THESE. I”ve looked on ebay and a bunch of sites…nothing.. please someone help! please


  • Hinny23

    i am lucky enough to own two pairs both with box as well……one brand new and one used for two games only….. add me on twitter @hinny23 for more info


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