Beckham Football Boots – +Predator Absolute Lion

Predator Lion small.jpgEngland captain David Beckham was wearing his new football boots in Englands World Cup qualifier with Paraguay.

The +Predator Absolute Lion Boot, features 10 lions, one for each of David Beckhams team mates. The football boots feature the PowerPulse technology, also seen on the Predators.

Update: Beckham’s new boots are now the Predtaor Absolute Swerve

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  • Jason

    A big fan of Adidas, I bought FG version. Fits awesome. Recommended to all the +Predator fans out there.

    By the way, these boots are not in USA shore yet.

    • joe

      can anyone tell me where i could find david beckhams very old champagne colour predators please please ???

  • km;m;

    absolutes are the worst predators yet stick with the last kind

  • naomi ferdinand-to-be

    why are they so bad?

  • dylan

    Havent got a pair of Adidas Predator Absolutes yet, I have the Manias and their the best football boots i’ve had in a while. I went from Vapors to F50 to Puma v1.06 and Predators are wonderful football boots – long lasting for midfielders like me and we look good doin the job wearing Predators. The Adidas Lion football boots made it in the US a while back.

  • rude

    Didnt know you could buy these yet. Where from in the UK?

  • Shivam

    These are the best Adidas footy boots yet. You can get them in JJB for £35.

  • Ryan

    I think these were made to support The David Beckham Academy’s around the world. They are academy colours. It’s amazing how much selling power Beckham has. These are dusgusting boots though. Zidanes WC Final Preds are ace! Copa Mundial remains the greatest boot ever.

  • kane

    They are the best looking Predators ever, how can you peeps not like them?

  • Arnaud

    Does the David Beckham Academy provides football shoes?

  • bob

    even now, i’d love to have these pair. 2 pairs for me. one to use and one to keep.