Adidas +Predator Absolute

Adidas +Predator AbsoluteAs part 5 of the Top Football Boots of the World Cup series, here is the Adidas +Predator Absolute.This is German football boot manufacturers Adidas’s flagship football boot for the World Cup. It is also used by more professionals in the competition than any other Adidas boot. The Adidas +Predator Absolute is the eighth generation Predator football boot. It includes revolutionary exchangeable PowerPulse technology, meaning the player can decide between a light boot or a powerful boot.

Performance: As with many of the top end boots now, the versatile sockliner gives the player a choice between speed with the light option or power with the PowerPulse socliner. This Predator has improved the ‘swervability’ of your strike with an enhanced region on the side of the boot.
Comfort: Made with Kangaroo leather, these boots feel very comforatble. The leather is very thin, yet feels very flexible and literally fits like a glove.
Players: Beckham, Vieira, Lampard, Zidane, Gerrard to name but a few, more players here.
Price: £130

Verdict: Simply put, a class football boot.

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  • Gregg Mather

    Gary Neville’s chosen boot: get in! Love that man, football’s answer to Paul Weller Out Of The Jam.

    • Scouser

      You Love Gary Neville??!!
      I think i speak for everyone when i say that he is simply a dirty little runt (EDIT).

      • Roger

        I agree I think he is too old and a waste of space!!!

  • Jaysee

    The best preds were the mania’s these boots are poor. Best adidas ones are the f50’s, but lets all talk vapors

  • ashley

    Even though France did not win the World Cup you should still put out Zizous’ Gold boots, because they are really great and I would love you. I love Zidane. The World Cup last a month (once every four years) but Zinedine Zidane lasts forever. …. so make his boots public.

  • Mike

    Vapours > Predators and F50’s.

  • matt

    They look relay heavy. Roberto Carlos probably cant even get them off the ground.

  • Craig

    Put Zidane Gold Predators for sale and Adidas would make millions. I would purchase them!

  • LOZ

    Adidas F50 Tunit football boots if they make them cheaper i’d buy them.

  • matt

    are they better than the nike air legends ???

  • chris

    Yeah, I think they are better than the Nike Legends Matt.

  • matt

    So do i chris , thats why im buying some whats the best colour ???

  • luke

    I have the black Adidas tunit football boots,?they’re the business, but want to get myself the green ones… Slick or what? And if those all gold Zidane Predator football boots come out, i’ll be first to buy them.

  • matt

    Forget the Adidas TUNiTs the Adidas Predators, the Nike Air Legend football boots are the best out at the moment, that’s why they are worn by the best players.

    • Brady

      nup i think best boot has to be puma kings…they are a great boot and i would buy them more then once =]…on the other hand nomis are also a really nice boot

  • main man

    My brother has these football boots and I tried them. They were really poor. The old Adidas f50’s were far better than the new ones. The best adidas football boots are the Copa Mundial. Maybe old, but are perfect.

  • fa

    Puma v1-06 are well better!

  • fa

    They’re the best football boots at the moment Eto’o has them, so they must be good.

  • Matt

    I have f50 tunits.

    They’re great but the only problem is they are wearing out and i’ve only had them half a season, i’m now buying a pair of Predator Absoloutes.

    I was going to buy Vapors but i’ve had two pairs and suffered a broken foot each time. They offer no protection for a centre midfielder.

  • jimbob

    i think that the best boots are my black and orange adidas sambanovas

  • jimbob

    i also think that my sample old f50s are great the colours are black on the sides and yellow on the sides

  • keir

    Predator Absolutes are amazing! I think that the best colour is black, red and white because they look beastie!

  • keir

    I shoot with my right foot and I want power. However I never shoot with my left. So with my Predators should I have power pulse on one foot and not on the other or isn’t that a good idea?

    • joga bonita

      Dude wair the power p’s on both boots man. Who knows when you might need an immediate strike outside the box or a 1 touch finish inside the 18. I mean, do you shoot with your right that much?!

  • sadat sani

    Hi ,

    I love to use Adidas soccer shoes cause they are full of power and speed. Morten Gamst Pendersen of Blackburn Rovers I will want to know if he has a sponsorship from Adidas soccer shoes?

  • Alan – Footy-Boots

    Hi there , I can confirm that Morten Gamst Pedersen is sponsored by Adidas……..


    These boots are the best boots I ever had. There so comfortable. they arent heavy.there very light (let me talk for my self about the weight). I play in the youth of altay turkey. you don’t fell anything when you shoot with them. The swervability is perfect.great.i got already the second one because there very nice. I got the second ones after 1 year. They don’t we bad after 4-5 months.unless you use them as garbage. Thats it.

    You should by them.As a recommendation

  • ryan

    I’ve worn five pairs of predators over the years and i’m not thinking of changing now. What colour should i get them in?

    • francis young

      get the beckams lions great pair

  • Hayd

    I have a pair of f50s –

    They are great to wear, feel like slippers, but the only thing wrong with them is they don’t last very long, they’re to easy to rip with a pair of studs I know coz i hurt my metatarsals just before the end of the season and had 2 stud holes in my football boot.

  • jeffrey

    i think that adidas predator are brilliant .
    perhaps the best boots ever.
    they’ve been produced in 1994 and they still till now from the best boots ever


  • Justin

    I just tried on a pair of Predators today and I have to say that they weren’t comfortable at all. The insole was really hard and the k-leather wasn’t all that soft. I’m sure in time they would break in, but for me I’m going with the Puma v-Konstrukts I also tried on. Now there’s a comfortable boot…

  • Norris

    I have size 10 feet and i once was going to buy a pair of adidas pulse boots when they were out but they were too small in width does that happen with the current Predator Absolute boots my foot width is very wide does anyone have the same problem?. If this is a problem what is a good pair of boots which would fit a wide foot person?

  • kieren

    the new black and wite gerrard boots are the best boots out of predator

  • thomas

    the predators are the best thats why zidane, ballack, lampard, gerrard etc. wear them. the new black and white champions league ones are the best

  • ryan

    these are brilliant!i have a pair of black silver and yellow predators.they are really comfy and u can hit unreal frees.the problems with them though is the powerpulse is kind of a gimmick and also if you have wide feet youll have to break them in for a while but still they are brilliant!

  • david beckham

    adidas boots r sweet i had a pair 4 3 years they r amazing

  • Moss

    the best boots were da mania boots with fat white sole..can these boots be brought from da german manufacturers or anywhere?


  • Michaequigley1

    i had a pair of these years ago best i ever had looking to get them again anybody know where i can ???

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  • Philip

    Anyone know where to buy the Adidas predator absolute boots?