Adidas +F50 TUNiT

As part 2 of the Top Football Boots of the World Cup series, here is the Adidas +F50 TUNiT.

German football boot manufacturers Adidas, this year launched the Adidas +F50 TUNiT. This football boot includes the new concept of allowing players to ‘tune’ their football boots to any weather, pitch and personal style. The football boots have three interchangeable sections – the upper, the chassis and the studs.
Performance: Being able to change the components of the football boots, means performance varies depending on your decision and the circumstances. By applying the lightweight chassis, you can have a light, quick football boot, a comfort chassis or an orthopaedic variety which can be used with your own in socks.

Comfort: As mentioned you have the comfort chassis, match this with the Climacool upper, which ventilates the foot and the correct studs for the conditions and you should be playing in a very comfortable football boot.

Players: At this years World Cup, look for the boots being worn by Arjen Robben and Kevin Kuranyi.

Price: £120

Verdict: A bit gimmicky. Most of the professionals in the Adidas camp select the +Predator Absolutes, which says it all for me.

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  • kev

    really looking forward to trying out the boots

    • ashley thomas

      When is the new Tunit champions league boots coming out to buy on the net.

    • tom mcc

      the boots are amazing the power you gan get is good there is only one problem and that is that the scratch easyly and the stoods fall out but they are klw

  • aid

    I was going to get them as a treat but the shop said they are no good, they said only 1 pair had been sold. A man bought them and they were damaged in just 2 weeks but they do look very nice.

    • louis

      they dont get damged after 2 weeks and their being sold all iova the contry

  • Sparrow

    I just bought some of the f50.6 england boots and if they break in one week i gunna be so mad. yes predators are betta but ther is no way you can say ther bad boots. i play for a pro club and it saves me havin to get to pairs of boots(HG & SG)

    • brad

      who do u play 4?

      • @ndrew Mac

        Clyde Fc

    • potter

      fet at pissin life mate!!

  • matt

    I bought a pair of f30’s, they’re super light and realy comfortable look good too.

  • Andy Collier

    Bought F50.6 in blue when the boots first came out and are the best boots I’ve ever had. They are very good for kicking which is very important as I am a goalkeeper and play pro youth with Rangers

  • dylan

    Dont have the TUNiT but i’ve heard from people from soccer spot here in the US, that they are hard to switch from boot to boot as in the US F50.6 and the clima cool ones, you cant really switch the insoles.

  • santana

    The studs require precision to screw in and I’ve already lost a couple on the pitch. Some people say don’t screw them in too tight. But I say you can’t screw them in tight enough. No shoe should require that much work.

  • rude

    Can some one tell me what? Ashley Coles boots are now, because they definitely are not those +f50 tunit or are they a new model?

    • Adele

      Yeah there the F50.7 Tunit Pro Lite II..

  • peach

    I have red F50’s and found they mark easy, but very comfortable and light, best football boots I have had!

    • brian

      yo dude i dont no this website i searched it on google but i got the F50 boots today and i was wondering how can you tell if the studs r tight enough on the boot can you please email me back at thank you

    • Me

      They mark, but, do they break???? And if they do, HOW?! im thinking of getting the f50i tunit and are they the same??? Do those break??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan – Author

    Rude – Cole has been training with the Adidas 7406 football boot. See

  • Dimitri

    These are awesome football boots. I love them, they are so light.

    • jord

      ive got the f50.7 there awsome and i love them

  • jayjo

    Can you get the marks out?

  • footyFANATIC

    Hey guys who have got the Adidas f50 TunIt football boots, can you tell me whether is it a good buy? Because I want to buy them soon, but I am not sure whether it is a good buy or not.

  • Maxx

    Awesome, really? We generally play on very hard pitches, hard mud, sparse of grass and these football boots are poor (Copa Mundial or Astroturf shoes best in dry months) . With the Hard Ground studs in, you can feel them through the sole and the toe area is clumpy. Look plasticy too. Maybe I should try the climacool but all in all seems gimmicky.

    Don’t like Adidas Predators either, too heavy, the stitching on my early ones were rubbish and the instep rubber “grips” get very slick in the wet.

    Copa Mundial football boots are great, just need more sole padding and the F50+ best, but unfortunately didn’t come in HG studs.

  • Sanchez

    I bought the F30.6 instead of these and I have never looked back. I bought them at the beginning of the season and they look just as good as they did at the start. The F30.6 is light and has a more ergonomic fit, while the TunIt is oddly shaped and the studs often fall out. And did I mention that the F30.6 is half the price?!

  • Paul

    Guys, I’m doing a project at uni on improving the football boot. Can anyone tell me what really bugs them about boots Any comments much appreciated…

    • Taylor

      Well the thing that bugs me most about the .6’s is the toe box it doesn’t really make a difference but it just doesnt feel formed to your foot like other cleats… and the new.7’s I heard that they are garbage that Adidas tried making the .7’s more like some of the new Puma‘s which are extremely light and the micro-fiber is thinner and that people have had the material tear and there no good any more… not to mention that .6 chassis doesn’t always fit in the .7’s properly

    • jamie shand

      my football boots often fall apart! :( i dnt know wether or not its how i wear them or kick the ball but it always happens around the front of the boot. Last season it was the nike tiempo legends black and gold right instep where the 2 plates join and the season before that the adidas aveiro’s black and blue same place both feet! :(

      • aaron

        I also have this problem. I always wear copas and world cups but the stitching along my little toe always gives way and rips after a couple of months but I still buy them.

        I am thinking about getting the predator absolutes in all black or original but I cant find size 11 anywhere?!!

    • jaime silva

      the things that needs improving really is screw on the studs. They are somethimes a pain to screw them on

    • cooper

      getting a pair of boots, but the external heel counter rubs your heel raw, aka Nike Mercurial Vapor II, the III’s are awesome.

    • Nick

      boots cost too much

  • f50

    I just bought a pair of F50.6 – loved them. They do mark easily though. I was so sad when this happened. Does anyone know how to get the marks out? I also got the other players cleat stuck underneath the tongue of the boot and it ripped it. That totally annoyed me. It’s not repairable. All around though I’ve been very satisfied. I just tighten the cleats after each practice and game and they seem to be fine.

  • Great disappointment..

    Bought 2 pairs of the +F50 football boots – The Blue (standard) and Yellow (Brazil version) ones.
    I agree completely with Santana. Lost on both pairs studs. Had to buy additional set of studs cost me another 20 Euro’s per set. Even more, after just two weeks of soccer practise and matches the football boots were damaged (scratched by opponents football boot studs and paint stripes from soccer balls).
    Had thought that football boots in this price category were of a higher quality and more robust. Don’t get me wrong, I love the design but I am disappointed about the mechanics & material of the football boot.
    Next time will go as previous years for the Nike Mercurial Vapor or Adidas Predator football boots.

    • James

      I so agreeeeeeeeeeee

  • Ai

    I bought the F50s two months ago and they are wrecked. Me and my friend both have them and after a couple of months we both found out that the studs had got shreaded. One of the studs got stuck and it wont come out. We both have the same problem. But its a very good pair of football boots.

  • Ben

    I bought a pair of red F50s, and they’re awesome. So comfortable, and I’ve never seen a pair of football boots that look as good as the F50s. However, they mark very easily. I’ve got a few black lines that are impossible to get rid of. But still, the best boots out there at the moment.

  • Brian

    Don’t get these football boots, the studs get stripped too easily and then you have to get a new pair of chassis which cost a lot of Euro’s. Not a good pick, go with the Nike Mercurial Vapors or the Nike Tiempo Legends.

  • Tom

    I think my F50 Tunit red are brilliant. I’ve scored 21 goals in 4 games, 7 from in my own half.

    • Me

      Yes, but have they broken?

  • blocked

    I bought some F50 Tunits and they broke the first time I wore them.

    • graham

      wot did u do 2 brake them. did u play on grass? because i have had 5 pairs nothin rong.

      • louise

        oh! well im havin second thoughts now! :[

        • Talal

          me 2 LOL

  • damien

    These football boots are gimmicky and uncomfortable. The material of which its made of is plasticky and gets slippy when wet, so getting good clean contact on the ball becomes harder. I changed these for Adidas Predator Absolute and never looked back.


    looks nice


    bad use of material
    studs fall out

  • Alan – Author

    Great points made Damien 😉

  • cvh

    Crap football boots!!!!!!!!!!! Mine got screwed after my first match and studs fall out rather get Nike or new Reebok.

  • mk

    Anybody know where I can buy the chassis for the F50 online? Snapped a stud on the football boots and cant get it out of the insole.

    • Tony Cass

      Alrite mate, did you find out where you can get some soles from? All my threads are worn and the studs wont screw in. I can’t find any anywhere. If you know could you email me and let us know. thanks.

  • owner of f50.6

    f50.6 they are nice boots but the 1st time I wore them they were fine but after soon the studs were falling out and I found that disappointing so because of that I will not be buying another pair of f50.6.


    I already have 2 pairs of the +f50. They’re good shoes and very light but the problem with them are the studs no matter how tight you screw them, you lose them when playing if Adidas can do something about this I think it’ll be better. Slick in GHANA Africa.

  • Pat

    i might be getting some +F50s for my bday. The black and green ones. i used to have a pair of Predator Absolados that were $90. These tunits are $300. Just want to know if they are good boots

    • Dylan

      is this pat mckorckle bc if it is this is your neighbor dylan i love the +F50 tunits i think they are the best cleats ever made but the studs fall out but thats ok bc they are not that expensive cya

  • Josh

    I have had the england F50‘s for almost 1 year and nothing has happened….

  • ethan

    I’ve got the f50 gold tunits they are light. Very good, I got scouted 3 times wearing them. They cost 450.00 with real carrot gold studs.

    • declan

      hi can you send me a picture of your gold f50’s

  • needin sum boots

    Just wondering if the new f50.7’s are worth it? Looking to go buy some of the black with green. Just wondering if they’re good for a midfielder and if they’re worth the price.. or if something else is better for me. Thanks a lot.

  • paul

    I’m gonna buy these football boots today but is it a good choice?

    Well i’ll tell ya later!!

  • arthur d

    i got the new f50’s yesterday and they were crap

  • ci

    I bought the f50.6‘s and they are the best footy boots i have ever bought.they are really light and great for free far the best football boots I have ever gotten!

  • ld thunder boots

    Lightning thunder striking boots, I have had good footy boots but nothing like these. Not surprised Aaron Lennon wears these f50 Tunits, he is the best player in the world. I am the best player on my team now explain that!

  • mitchell

    I bought f50.7 tunits at the end of 2006. They are quite good football boots but they mark easily. I used sum metho on the marks n it got rid of all of them except for 1 on the heel. The 1st time I wore them I got blisters but i stopped that by putting sum strapping tape over the blister n wore them in and now they don’t give me blisters. over all they are quite a good football boot but predator pulses are the best footy boots I have ever had.

    • Gill

      hi could you tell me what your method was because i have the white uppers and they have loads of black marks on the front. if u could tell me then i can try and remove them.

      thank you

  • alex

    The football boots were nice but the studs kept falling out !!!!! they’re over priced.


    Well I just got my +F50.6 yesterday! going to tre them out on Saturday when we play Stranraer in the Scottish cup! But the football boot over all look’s nice,feels nice and light once they are on! so hopefully they live up to their name!

  • Masters

    I got these in red and the USA uppers because I was flying to Holland to play this summer. I was very disappointed with the football boots. They were uncomfortable, overpriced, and the studs stripped very easily. The technology is out there, but i think with this football boot Adidas have not built them well, and have not met their expectations.

  • Curious

    After a match or training,you will be all by yourself to search for your studs on the field..the studs would fall out no matter how tight you screw it in!..


    Well Saturday was a good day, the football boots were brilliant and so was the game. The footy boots were very comfy and light, great for kicking and at the end I had all the studs still in so for me the football boots were a good buy. I would recommend them!


    Last night was training and i used the astro-turf studs and i was well hacked off when six studs fell out and buggered my insole of the football boots so they are getting sent back and for now i will leave it at this!!!

  • Dan

    They are good and comfortable, but i’m on about the new design of them!

  • graham

    i have always been a fan of the adidas f50s i started off with a pair of the red and white f50s (ashley coles old boots) then i got a pair of the silver and gold then a pair of the silver and blue and now more recently i bought a pair of royal blue f50s and i lost only one stud which was my fault because i didnt check for tightness and now i have a pair of electricity f50s and none have broke.

  • Suiyat

    Very very annoyed. Have some +f50 premium pack which rrp’s at 299.99. I play mostly indoor on astro turf so used the climacool upper to keep feet cool. A very tight football boot caused some rubbing. but after 45 minutes a opponent stood on my foot in a challenge an ripped the upper. Now a massive rip in the football boot making them unusable after 45minutes of play

    Very uspet and annoyed.

    These football boots are not fit for purpose.

  • james jenkins

    ld thunderboots: m8 aaron lennon wears nike mercurial vapors 3 in black

  • the master of disaster

    my cousin has these football boots, the studs have all fallen out now, i wouldnt recommend these for anyone, they are s***, adidas say these are the new lightest boots ever made, but trust me buy the nike mercurial vapor 3, absolutely brilliant.

  • Mikey

    Just got these boots. What do the numbers on each stud indicate.

    • looking for f50.9

      dont worry about it trust me

  • kieran

    these boots are brilliant, the numbers on the studs dont mean anything, just make sure that the larger studs go on the heel and the smaller studs are on the front of the foot, nothing has gone wrong for me on my boots, and they feel so good, there comfortable to wear, good when you kick the ball, and brilliant for running in.

  • Dylan

    I don’t know what you guys are complaining about the +F50s are great. They are one of the best cleats I have ever worn i think they are comfortable and light weight.But it is kinda expensive because the studs always fall out. But I don’t care my parents bought them.LOL


    now these boots really are gangster. the best boots on the planet.

  • Absolut

    I bought a pair of F50.6’s last year, the World Cup England version. They were a great pair of boots and worked well for a year, but then recently they ripped right in the toe on both. Has anyone else had this problem? I think its cause this synthetic material stuff is too thin and the toe box isn’t reinforced. Recently bought a pair of Nike Total 90 Supremacy’s. Great boots but defs arent as slick as the tunits.

  • adamb

    i just bought these f50.6 just wanted to ask can i play with these boots on astro turf

    2)read the instruction on which size of studs you need in a hole

  • nicholask

    hey how come arjen robbens boots dun have e lace cover? and they arent the clima cools

  • Boris

    i’ve had in the past years, F50+, nike legends and now ive got the predator absolute and ive got to say that i liked the absolute the most. The leather is really good quality and they are light as well. i think the legend were good but there is nothing special about them. the F50’s were good and the lace cover was good but i think that the way forward is leather boots not this synthetic stuff because leather is stronger and lasts longer

  • tunit man

    Had f50.6 standard blue boots bought from JJB in England and later bought Brazil uppers to interchange. Obviously, as you’ve probably already read, the stud system is truly shocking. On the other hand, they are comfortable, and look great. My recommendation is to tighten after each time of wearing them and stick with one upper, one chassis and one set of studs. Interchanging will simply strip the thread on the studs. Even after having to send my blue stand set of boots back and having to keep my Brazil uppers, I am about to buy the F50.7 Climacools as they are up there with the best looking boots ever, in my opinion. PDS sell the upper, chassis, and 1 set of studs as a package for £99.99 (roughly $200 for US). I have searched around and found out that Soccer com is the cheapest through buying the upper, chassis and studs separate. Now got the price down to £68.14 ($138 with the current exchange rate – (10/08/07). They also offer a white Climacool pair which I have never seen before. Although, the white fabric wont last very long!!! Soccercorner com sell chassis cheaper than soccer com by about $10 but I would prefer to buy from same website so if they go wrong again I can send them back to the same website instead of sending studs to one website, chassis from another and upper to another. This would get very confusing. Basically, buy all from soccer com



  • Steven

    I bought a pair of F50s for rugby and football. In an entire season of rugby and football i have only lost one stud. The boots are also in almost perfect condition still. A bit of messing around with the studs to change from soft ground to hard ground. But once they where changed i wasnt complaining. Mainly because everyone else in the team had bought a new pair of hard ground boots and so where getting blisters whist i was still wearing the same comfy pair i had all season.
    I beleive these are the best boots around and will always look to get F50s before even looking at anything else

  • laurent

    Hey if any of u have the F50.7 Tunit II World Team Club Limited Series (AC Milan, Liverpool, Real, or else…) can u tell me the country where they are made in ?


  • A.L

    What’s the difference between the f50.7 and the f50.6? Also, are these f50’s better than the f30’s?

  • alby

    i just got some f50 the new ones the one that messi weres right now. but i wonder if in 2008 there will be new f50s like f50.8 some one please tell me.
    on the other hand these are good boots better then da preds i recon there like and easy to run in and i can change the hard and soft ground any time i wont

  • Suzanna

    Disgusted with the Tunits and the poor response from Adidas. Boots worn for 14 hours and stud broken in the chasis despite being checked before the game. Adidas maintain the boots have been worn with wrong studs which IS NOT TRUE.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with these boots?

  • stewart

    hi there i have got the f50 tunit boots and i have found that they smell bad once they get wet is there anyway i can get rid of that smell write back asap plz

    • Talal

      tri this …….dont get them wet!

  • brandon

    got black f50.7 tunits, awesome, studs are fiddly but they are best boots ever. how do u get marks out tho?

  • Rajan

    Hi, ive had the black tunits since january and have had so many problems. although the boots are lightweight and comfortable they just fall apart too easily. i havent had problems with the upper or the chasis but the studs are woeful. the soft ground studs were shredded after my first game, recently i lost a stud and one stud was stuck and had to be loosened using a vice grip. the soft ground studs are better but water leaks in through the stud holes

  • jack

    these boots are class i had mine an i avent damaged them in anyway they are light and they look class an i can reallly score goals with em

  • gav

    I got given a pair of f50s by my friend and there really comfotable, you can run in them and they give u a nice touch (if your good)

  • William Hunt

    I have had the F50 Tunits for over a year. I first bought the set with the synthetic leather uppers and later bought the leather uppers to replace the worn synthetic uppers. Personally I never liked the synthetic uppers it feels like you are wearing a plastic box on your feet. I would highly recommend getting the leather uppers, the touch is incredibly better. As much as I like the idea of being able to change the shoe to fit the pitch, I have had many problems with changing the studs. I have stripped many studs and have had to purchase replacements. I have also stripped the chasis, which really sucks cuz then it costs $60 to buy new ones. I wish there was a better system for changing studs, but with the current model, I would recommend getting different cleats like the Predators or Copa Mundials.

  • Rory

    I dont play football like all you guys but do the Highland Games and use the boots for certain events. The F50’s come with all the studs as usual but what the heck do the numbers on the bottom mean? It tells me the layout with numbers in the diagrams but the numbers on the bottom of the studs dont match!! HELP

    • Josh

      Having the same problem anyone have an answer

  • roy

    can the chasis of my adidas f50.8 fit the uppers of a tunit f50.7?

  • Rob

    i love these boots, they feel amazing and i was lucky enough to get the three pack for 150 canadian however you have to be gentle with them and and try not to change the studs to often because they will strip however they are absolutely brilliant best boots ive ever had and ive had the new vapor IV’s as well as the lotto zhero gravity’s

  • kerem

    does anyone know were to buy the euro 2008 boots for turkey really need them

  • anthony

    i av the new f50s and 1 of my studs av striped any ideas

  • SoccerGod13

    What should i get the black F50.9 or the bright yellow F50.8

  • Sachy


    I bought a pair of these boots and was well pleased with the look and feel of them in the shop. Straight awat swapped the studs out to soft ground and while putting one in the thread got screwed. Finished the game anyway but by the end of it have lost 4 studs. I Tightened them all up agian before the next game and lost another two. So annoying considering the money spent on them. I wouldn’t recommend them. Since then I havetaken the chasis out but cant fix the broken thread. Anyone know where you can get a chasis from?

  • Spencer

    can u have a F50.8 chassie and a F50.9 upper

    • looking for f50.9 tunit

      yes u can for any tunit series

  • Alec

    F50s are heavy compared to its competition like vapors (which keep getting heavier) or puma v1.08

  • pato

    they are the best boots ever

  • Messi


  • Kieran Heads

    you know the fittings, where you screw the studs into.. one of mine is broken in some way. I cant put a stud in properly, and the fitting takes away the red coating on the screw of the stud. Is this a common problem? And is this a legitimate reason for asking for a refund after the ‘take-back date’ on the receipt?

  • max

    what are the boots that adeybayor has

  • dbf

    we started out with the F-50.9 red and white, which I wore for a summer season, then gave them to my son and he wore them for a whole year before they ripped. they felt great. haven’t had much trouble keeping the cleats in once you get the touch of it, but we have lost some cleats. the red ones ripped so we bought the French uppers at a good price to replace them, these last over one season of hard play and they ripped but we sowed them up and they are good again. bought some F-50.6, had some trouble adjusting to the strange toe, but these boots were very tough. have played in terrible conditions but they still look brand new. we now have two chasis, two sock liners and have also purchased the leather uppers for the F-50.5 and the F-50i. they look great. in the end, it seems like it will be cheaper and easier to have a backup pair. purchasing component parts instead of a whole shoe seems to work out for cost too. pretty happy with these. he plays American football in them too as he is a kicker and wide-receiver. great for the speedy player.

  • Andrew

    i personally own a pair of these Adidas F50 tunit boots and i definetely would only recomend them to an experienced soccer player just because of the way they are worn and there style of play.

  • Jonah

    hey everyone, no football boot is without imperfection. you need to take proper care of the TUNiTs i had the F50.8s for two entire seasons and they ripped in the last tourney of the season. i lost a total of 4 studs throughout 2 seasons. they r extremely comfortable but take a lengthy time to break in. i now wear puma v1.08 k leathers. they r equal in touch, comfiness, the tunits look better but r not AS durable. TUNiTs- a good purchase so dont complain wen they break and its ur fault.

  • Ryan

    Hey every one is there a place that i can still buy these boots i had a pair for lik 4 year but my feet had grown so they got to small can any 1 give me a shop or website please

    • Noyb


  • jim

    best boot ever

  • Pa_k

    they are the best boots ever

  • ramiz

    i want to know how much the adidas F50 if any body know tell me with GD not eoro or Dolar GD

  • The Red

    my son aged 14 has the f50.8 , both boots split across the upper where the toes bend?not even a year old, emailed adidas , reply was take them back to the store where purchased with all tags , thats a joke , cant even find the receipt ! the price of these boots this should not happen, to say i`m not happy is an understatement

  • Adidas is not good

    Have the F50s, paid $280USD…..studs come out easily and after one year, the came apart at the toe. Don’t waste your money on these cleats.

  • paul gaythwaite

    i have got all the f50s ever made n they all break the same think they need to sort it out cause i pay 145 for ever pair i get for them to break in 2 weeks

  • Soccerlover09

    rofl, what a liar, i had my f50 tunit for like 6 months now, i use it in winter, rain and summer hard ground, no issues to report of! i play 1 game per week and 2 practices with the same cleats, nothing wrong so far, not even a tear or a fade in the color

    • Noyb

      ya same here and when i got them they were uesed to

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  • guest

    what does fso mean or f50