adidas are giving the power back to the people for the 2012 Olympics by asking them to name the official football that will be used at the London 2012 Olympic Games!

adidas London 2012 Olympic Games Olympic Football Official

Being honest, we’d hadn’t stopped to think that adidas sponsoring the London 2012 Olympic Games would mean a brand new ball too! But none the less has a design for it but is challenging people to come up with a name for the ball.

The design of the ball will remain top secret until it’s launch in Spring 2012, where one lucky winner will become part of Olympic Games history and will have their suggested name printed on the ball. The winner will also be involved in the official launch of the ball (Spring 2012), be one of the first people to get presented with a London 2012 football and also win two tickets to the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley, not bad, right?

Everton and England u-21’s star Jack Rodwell, said: ”It˘ really exciting for all in football to have the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to London in 2012. The Games capture the whole world˘ attention and it˘€žË˜ll be amazing to have the finest sportsmen and women competing in Britain.

I would be proud to be involved and represent Team GB as competing in an Olympics on home soil is without a doubt, a once in lifetime opportunity. As far as a name suggestion goes, I would call the football ‹Ĺ›The Quest˘€žË˜ as competing and winning the Olympics is a real sporting journey.” concluded Rodwell, who obviously knows his recent adidas ad campaigns!

Chairman of the 2012 Games, Sebastian Coe, said: ”The Olympic Football tournament will see some of the world˘ best young players competing in this country and millions of people can be part of it when tickets go on sale from March 15. However one lucky person will make a real mark on the tournament by naming the ball Ĺ› what an opportunity to be part of Olympic history.”

An expert panel will then narrow down the entries to a shortlist of 10 and, from this top 10, one winner will be picked.

To stand a chance of your name being picked, enter your suggestion at – closing date for entries midnight 28th February 2011.

Keep up to date with the competition and all adidas news on our official twitter feed @adidasuk.

  • hugh83

    “The Ballon”

  • LLLL


  • peter lavery

    nike thrill glider 2011

  • Grongy

    Don’t really care about the name, but wish the design was something like the old Tango pattern. Still the best

  • iPodkiller

    ”AdiEsprit d’âme” Translation: AdiSoul Spirit.

    A classic timeless design of the ”62 Santhiago Adidas ball with fade-out colours of the Olympics and thee big stripes over the ball.

  • peter lavery

    i have a few ideas if i could find a website that could let me m8 a football

  • peter lavery

    anyone know any plz say i realy want to make some

  • peter lavery

    btw i have an other name nike national glider

  • BR3




    At the end of the day, Unity is what its all about. And Spanish because of them being the Euro ’08
    and WC ’10 winners. Also Adidas Unidad sounds catchy right? 😉

  • Xavier Scott

    adidas unity or the adidas unity in albion

  • FBsMan

    “The Football” since football started there

  • Coppah-Bruno

    Trileo – symbolises the Three Lions and the third olympics in london. Free to use for anyone as i’m outside of u.k so can’t enter- :L

  • O’fenomeno


  • Bob

    The “We should probably do some actual research and stop making awful balls that everyone hates” balloon.

  • Eric

    The Adidas Britannica

  • Win

    adiballenglympic2012 or adiballondonlympic2012

    adiball = adidas ball

    eng = english

    lympic = olympic 2012

    adiball = adidas ball

  • kyle howell

    AdiOlimpia 2012

  • harry


    • kyle

      I’d love to see the ‘adidas Steve’ at Wembley in 2012. I think it’d be a brilliant turn of form by adidas!

  • hahahaha


  • Ryan

    Adidas goodluckguessingtheflight

  • nabard

    2012 match ball

  • bob

    adidas Pulsator.

    It pulsates with the excitement of the Games and captures the vibrant spirit of London.

    adidas Pulsator.

  • Moeski

    The Adidas ‘ha You didn’t win anything special it’s only the Olympics not the World Cup’

    No, for real, the Adidas ‘who cares, if anything like Jabulani, then I’d rather play with a rubber band ball’

  • dk996

    the heart as england is the heart of football

  • Adam

    anything other than “the beckham” is a disgrace.

  • kushal

    either the addidas eurolani or the addidas footy head

  • kkk

    the ballon

  • kkk

    the eurolani or the footy head

  • kkk

    the addidas glade blazer

  • Funny Guy

    The Adidas Doomsday. because we will all die in 2012 right?

  • Will

    Adidas Chuck Norris.

  • Abdul Majid Yusop

    Adidas Olympia Tango 2012